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E.ON Gives Away Energy Saving Devices to News of the World Readers

The major energy companies in Britain have long been accused of milking customers for every penny, so it came as a refreshing surprise when E.ON announced earlier in the month they would be giving a little something back to the public.

Unfortunately, that little something proved not to be the profits generated by low wholesale fuel costs and high domestic >energy prices; although, E.ON will lower its gas prices by 6% to consumers in the UK as of 31st March. Instead of implementing a more substantial price cut, E.ON elected to give away free energy saving devices to News of the World readers, which may not seem all that beneficial in a broad sense but actually constitutes a superb opportunity for customers.

The energy saving devices are worth more than £30 and, according to E.ON, could help towards combined energy savings of £9 million per year nationwide. E.ON has produced a number of energy saving devices over recent years in a bid to improve energy efficiency in homes throughout the country. News of the World readers received coupons in the paper last week, which can be exchanged for three of E.ON’s energy saving devices at participating Sainsbury’s stores, of which there are estimated to be more than 500 in Britain. The three energy saving devices include an automatic switch-off plug and a showersave device. The plug works by automatically switching off electrical equipment when not in use, whilst the showersave device regulates temperature and water flow to reduce utility bills.

Commercial Director of E.ON’s retail business, Jim Macdonald, said: “At E.ON, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help people save energy in their homes. This collaboration with the News of the World is a hugely exciting step for us. It provides a great opportunity for people who might not see themselves as particularly ‘green’ to try these devices and see how easy it can be to save energy”. The move to offer free energy saving devices to the public is the latest in a series of green energy schemes by E.ON, who teamed up with the News of the World as part of the media giant’s popular ‘Go Green & Save’ campaign.

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