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Economic and Environmental Disaster: Homemakers to the Rescue!

Okay, so it may be a stretch to suggest that the woeful economy or ensuing natural catastrophes may be thwarted by a little common sense employed at home. Indeed, it may be the case that neither can be recovered. Likewise, neither might prove quite as serious as forecasts would have us believe. Nevertheless, both problems started with people and it is only right that people try to provide solutions to them.

The Beaten Path

An article calling for environmentally friendly home living is certainly nothing new, but that ought not to cloud the sentiment behind its repetition. Change on a large scale must be continuous before it can bear any benefit to the world. This is why it is vital that solutions to the above issues are frequently reiterated.

Today’s homes have central heating, which, although necessary, uses a lot of energy. That energy is spent from the refining processes of coal, oil and other fossil fuels, which have a negative impact on the Earth’s ozone layer. Much of this energy is wasted through the roof of a house, which can be easily addressed with adequate loft insulation. Furthermore, in terms of trapping warm air inside the home, single panel windows are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard! Therefore, double glazing should be used and, in addition to this, cavity wall insulation completes the job.

Green Power

Nevertheless, more can be done to reduce energy consumption in the home, thereby saving money and the planet – at least to an extent – in the process. Renewable energy can be sought from solar power, which can typically generate enough electricity for a number of household appliances. The idea of employing solar energy is as much to reduce electricity bills as it is to harness a form of energy that is freely and cleanly available to us all.

Finally, if solar panels seem too expensive in these hard economic times, a simple boiler service might make a difference. Ensuring that your boiler is working at its peak efficiency will mean that it consumes less energy…

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