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It’s a misconception that loft insulation is messy

Research conducted by energy provider E.ON has revealed that many people are put off having loft insulation because they think it’s a hassle they can do without. 

Yes, it seems a quarter of British householders have avoided having their lofts insulated – even when they can get loft insulation for free – because they perceive the process to be too messy and too disruptive.

E.ON’s poll was carried out in August last year, and saw 2,000 people respond to the poll courtesy of online market research company OnePoll. Interestingly, around a third of participants said they would be keen to get their lofts insulated ‘straight away’ when told doing so could lower their home energy bills.

To try and discourage such misconceptions and encourage more homeowners to get their lofts installed, E.ON has today launched a ‘Love Your Loft’ campaign; a hassle-free service which includes insulating and boarding customers’ lofts as well as clearing their unwanted clutter.

According to Emma Bradshaw, an energy fitness expert at E.ON, from cost to the hassle involved, there seems to be a real fear factor amongst the British population when it comes to insulating lofts. As Emma explains:

“Lagging your loft is a simple way to save money and improve your home’s energy fitness and can cost next to nothing thanks to subsidised insulation schemes.”

“Whether you want the lowest cost option and are happy to do it yourself or you’d prefer someone else to do it for you, now is an ideal time to sort your loft. And if it all seems like too much of a hassle we can help with our Love Your Loft service.”

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that by installing loft insulation, a family living in a three-bed semi with gas central heating and no loft insulation could save up to £175 a year on their home heating bills.

E.ON’s Love Your Loft scheme costs from £349. Any unwanted clutter will either be recycled, disposed of responsibly or donated to Cancer Research UK.

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One thought on “It’s a misconception that loft insulation is messy

  1. I do agree that it can save money in the long run, however I would never carry out the work myself as the thought of being in the loft with all that rock wool makes me itch. I dont see the problem of leaving the house for a day and letting them get on with it

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