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Ministers Discuss Benefits of Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices

Government supports new green technologies

The virtues of Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices, or PFGHRDs, were discussed at a meeting of Government ministers and heating industry experts last month.

Speaking at a presentation organised by Zenex Technologies at Portcullis House in Westminster, climate change minister Greg Barker claimed the Government readily supports new green technologies.

Mr Barker said: “We need to continue to back the drive for innovative new technologies for heating our homes, while addressing the challenge of reducing carbon. Government is battling to remove the barriers and products like PFGHRDs can help us find cost effective ways towards a new scale of energy efficiency.”

Zenex representative and inventor of the GasSaver PFGHRD, Chris Farrell, addressed an audience of ministers and industry professionals to explain how PFGHRDs can significantly improve central heating systems with the aim of saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions.

Mr Farrell said: “The GasSaver is fitted above the high efficiency combination boiler and recovers any waste heat before it goes through the flue and is lost. It is a sealed-for-life unit that has no moving parts, no controls or settings and does not require any maintenance. The recovered heat is recycled back through the boiler, giving it a head start in heating up the water”. Mr Farrell continued: “The device provides annual savings of around 37 per cent of the energy required to deliver hot water. These considerable fuel savings can help to address the issue of fuel poverty.”

According to independent tests, if half a million GasSaver units were deployed in homes throughout the UK, some 56,209,150 cubic metres of gas would be saved. In terms of environmental savings, the same number of devices would prevent 114,734,118 Kg of carbon dioxide emissions. Clearly, PFGHRDs offer substantial incentives to both homeowners and the Government, which is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 2020.

Before asking for more support from the Government, Mr Farrell said: “A GasSaver installed with an A-rated boiler saves the equivalent of one Megawatt hour every year. That’s equivalent to 1,000 single bar electric fires running for an hour. These are pretty impressive figures.”

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