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Npower Empowers Pupils to Go Green and Save Energy

Pupils in West Yorkshire have become the latest recruits to earn their energy saving stripes by taking part in npower’s Climate Cops Academy.

Image courtesy of npower

Since its launch in 2007, the initiative has reached 38,000 students across the UK, and almost 200 pupils from schools in West Yorkshire have become the last group to participate in the programme.

Climate Cops Academy teaches children how to go green and become more energy conscious by saving energy in a fun and engaging way, and around 70 Year 4 and Year 5 students from Sharlston Community School in Wakefield were shown ways to save energy. The interactive day featured a range of activities, ranging from miniature examples of renewable energy to the effects of insulation and generating electricity through body movement.

“The children really enjoyed the day; it taught them about climate change and saving energy in a fun, engaging way,” commented Karen Riley, headteacher at Sharlston Community School.

“They’ve learnt some simple ways to conserve energy that will make a big difference to the school, their homes and the environment,” she added.

Climate Cops Academy – an integral part of npower’s Brighter Futures education programme – was designed to visit schools across the country. Encouraging staff and pupils alike to do their bit for climate change by reducing their carbon footprint, the programme has seen npower join forces with local councils to help schools become greener and more energy efficient.

“It’s wonderful that the Climate Cops programme is helping schools across the UK to become greener and more sustainable and is inspiring young people to get involved in energy efficiency, themselves,” said Clare McDougall, npower’s head of community and education.

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