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So What Is British Gas Boiler Homecare?

So What Is British Gas Boiler Homecare?

Having a new boiler or central heating system installed undoubtedly adds value to your home and can help with saving money on energy bills; but these can prove costly despite the longevity they can bring to any system. So the British Gas Boiler Homecare Plan aims to provide a maintenance package that prioritises the improvements of these facilities as and when required, which can be useful when the guarantee or warranty of a new product expires.

For a monthly subscription, customers can opt for one of four different packages, each one marked by a different level that has a range of benefits. Level 100 (originally 1 star) provides an insurance against a broken boiler and ensures that the customer will receive an immediate repair from a qualified (CORGI) registered engineer – the cost of their labour and any parts are covered in the monthly fee.

The hassle of searching for a reliable and local engineer is replaced with a single helpline number for customers and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week which can be much more appealing to those more vulnerable customers such as elderly people who might struggle to find a reliable engineer, or for a landlord who is absent from the property when problems occur but needs to ensure that repairs and services have been exacted professionally and legally.

Levels 200, 300 and 400 (originally 2, 3 and 4 star) are variants on this package including the boiler but also giving insurance against leaking radiators or broken fuse boxes – each one worth a slightly higher monthly fee but with a larger guarantee in what the package covers.

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