Helping UK homeowners save money on their heating

Social housing tenants save £1.2m on energy bills

A social landlord has helped its tenants to save £1.2 million on their energy bills after implementing a series of energy saving measures designed to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. 

It’s been revealed in a just published annual corporate social responsibility report that Liverpool-based Riverside – one of the UK’s leading providers of social housing – implemented more than 4,200 measures across its housing stock as a means of reducing tenants’ home energy costs.

In the Anfield district of Liverpool an insulation scheme helped achieve savings of £162,760 which equated to savings in the region of £520 for each household. The project saw homes benefit from upgraded new energy efficient central heating systems and the installation of cavity wall insulation and other draft proofing measures.

Some Anfield tenants have had their heating bills cut in half, including Lillian Parry who said that she was spending about £10 a week now on her heating, whereas before the insulation scheme is was double that.

“Now you put the heating on and the house stays warm. If you leave it on it can actually get too warm and you have to turn it off, which I’ve never been able to do before,” she said.

“Over the last year we have made great progress in improving the energy efficiency of our homes, the promotion of financial inclusion, the delivery of employment and training support, and our many diverse community and green space initiatives,” commented Riverside’s chairman Paul Brant after the report’s publication.

Riverside continues to demonstrate a passion and commitment for energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions – and it doesn’t just stop with its tenants. The social landlord is a big promoter of car sharing and has managed to save in excess of 180,000 business miles.

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