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Tackle High Energy Bills the Glow-worm Way

As temperatures plummet in the UK this week, central heating systems across the country are working overtime to keep people warm. But for an alarming number of households the cold winter months means more financial misery.

Glow-worm – one of the UK’s leading boiler manufacturers – recognises the financial strain turning up the heating poses,  particularly for the most vulnerable members of society, and is offering some good to help tackle high energy bills this winter.

Cranking up the heating during the cold winter months uses the largest proportion of energy most households will use throughout the entire year, so it stands to reason that to get the best out of your hard-working boiler is needs to working to optimum performance.

“Accurately sizing a new or replacement boiler is very important.  But it’s also very important for homeowners to ensure their whole heating system is working as efficiently as possible,” explains Glow-worm’s Commercial Director, Pippa Wibberley.

“This may mean new or replacement radiators, controls, under floor heating or even investment in renewable technology,” she added.

An efficiently running system means not only will you not be wasting energy, but you won’t be wasting money either, which will help to reduce your fuel bills.

To get the most from your central heating system, Glow-worm has a few top tips, which includes:

  • Programme your heating system to operate when you need it most – it’s the most efficient way to heat your home – rather than leaving it on low all day.
  • Utilise systems with intelligent controls to set your heating and hot water, such as Glow-worm’s Climapro2 wireless programmable room thermostat, which can be used as part of a heating system containing a cylinder.
  •  Consider installing thermostatic radiator valves.  And if you’re not using a room, save energy – and money – by turning off the radiator valve.
  • Treat your central heating system to an annual maintenance check by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
  • And last but not least, remember to get your boiler serviced regularly by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

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