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The Importance of Having Your Gas Boiler Serviced

The current global recession has meant that the majority of people have had to try to find ways to cut spending, tighten their belts and carefully budget to manage money. During this time of financial hardship, it can be very tempting to cut costs that are not seen as priority or urgent. For example, many people may consider delaying or postponing their annual gas boiler check, in a bid to save money. However, making such a decision could end up costing you more money in additional boiler repairs, not to mention, put you and your family’s health and safety at risk.

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Your annual gas boiler check ensures that your boiler is running efficiently and safety. Although modern gas boilers are generally reliable and considered safe, there is always the possibility of a leak – and we are all well aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Further more, having a Gas Safe registered reliable tradesperson check and perform your annual gas boiler maintenance, will ensure that any components that are dirty, or any deposits that have built up, can be cleaned. Also, the engineer will be able to check pressure and general running of your boiler, all of which will make your boiler run more efficiently, thus saving you money on your annual gas bill.

Annual gas boiler checks may not be cheap – costing from £50 upwards. So, consider taking out a boiler maintenance insurance policy. Many policies will allow you to pay a monthly fee and include regular check ups. Having a boiler insurance policy will also give you piece of mind, knowing that the engineer sent to check your boiler is correctly qualified and attended an accredited gas training course.

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