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7 Boiler Warranty Myths Dispelled

It’s important to consider the warranty when looking for a new boiler as it’s there to protect you should something go wrong with the unit.

That’s why we’ve set about dispelling the myths surrounding boiler warranties so that you know what to be aware of when doing your research, to leave you with the peace of mind that your new boiler is well covered.

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Myth 1: All Boiler Warranties are the Same

Not only can the warranties offered by boiler manufacturers differ in length, they’re also likely to cover the boiler in certain circumstances and have very different terms and conditions. Many warranties tend to only cover faults caused by issues that have developed as the result of shoddy workmanship or poor materials.

With this in mind, it’s very important to check the terms and conditions of a boiler warranty before agreeing to it so that you know exactly when you can call upon the manufacturer.

Myth 2: The Boiler Can Only be Installed and Serviced by the Manufacturer

While some manufacturers might offer incentives, such as an extended warranty, for having the boiler installed by one of their own accredited engineers, on the whole, any Gas Safe registered engineer can do the job.

It can also be a common misconception that to keep the warranty valid it has to be serviced by a heating engineer accredited by the manufacturer. It’s correct that the boiler must be serviced once every 12 months, but this can be carried out by any Gas Safe registered engineer, or an OFTEC technician if you have an oil boiler.

This gives you the power to compare quotes from multiple heating engineers so that you can find the best deal for you and your home.

Myth 3: The Installer Will Always Register the Warranty

Once you have your brand new boiler installed, the warranty won’t become valid until you’ve registered the unit with the manufacturer. Normally, this involves visiting the relevant manufacturer’s website and providing details of your brand new boiler. It’s best not to put off getting this done as there tends to be a 30 day window to register the warranty from the day of installation. Sometimes this is done by the installer, but you should always double check.

Myth 4: Boiler Warranties Remain Valid, No Matter What

Once the warranty has been registered there will be a variety of terms that you have to keep to, otherwise the warranty period could come to an end early. These terms will be different from manufacturer to manufacturer but something that they’ll all have in common is an annual service.

Your boiler must be serviced annually by a Gas Safe engineer (if you have a gas boiler) or an OFTEC engineer (if you have an oil boiler) once every 12 months. As well as hiring an engineer to carry out the boiler service, they should leave you with proof of service in the form of a boiler service report. You should hold onto this in case the manufacturer providing the warranty needs to see it as proof of servicing.

Myth 5: Boilers are Always Covered by Home insurance

Many insurers don’t include boilers under their home insurance policies, meaning that you won’t be covered should anything go wrong. Typically, insurers will give you the option of taking out some form of ‘emergency cover’ or adding the boiler onto the policy separately.

The most comprehensive cover you can get for your boiler is through the manufacturer and could potentially last for over 10 years in some cases.

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Myth 6: A New Boiler Doesn’t Need a Warranty

Making sure that your boiler is covered from day 1 is important as it ensures that your unit is covered against any faults caused by defective workmanship or materials during the manufacturing process.

Any issues found to be the result of the manufacturer will, in many cases, be dealt with free of charge for both parts and labour.

Myth 7: Boilers Can be Self-Maintained

You should never carry out a service or attempt to repair your gas boiler yourself – always hire a fully-qualified Gas Safe engineer.

While there are some checks you can make to ensure the efficient and safe running of your boiler, such as reading the pressure and looking at the pilot light to make sure it’s burning blue, anything else must be carried out by a professional.

Boiler Warranty Checklist

When comparing boiler warranties, you should make note of the following before making your decision:

  • Length of the warranty
  • What’s covered by the warranty
  • Whether parts and labour are both included
  • Your responsibilities to keep the warranty valid
  • Any option to extend the warranty

As well as the above, it’s also important to find out how you register the warranty, otherwise your brand new boiler won’t have any cover in the event of a boiler breakdown.

Finding a Gas Safe Engineer

Once you’ve found the boiler and warranty, that best suits your home, you’ll need to find a heating engineer to carry out the installation. Rather than getting a single quote and allowing them to go ahead with the installation, you should compare quotes from multiple engineers as this will give you the greatest chance of finding the best deal.

You can get free quotes from up to 3 trusted engineers in your area by visiting Boiler Guide and completing a simple online form.

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