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Buying a Boiler Online – Pros & Cons

Websites offering online boiler quotes are becoming more and more popular nowadays with many enabling you to find, compare, buy and book installation for your new boiler with simply a few clicks. We’ve taken a look at the benefits of buying a boiler online and highlight the key things you need to consider.

Pros of Buying a Boiler Online

It’s Really Convenient

One of the huge attractions of buying a boiler online is that you can do so from the comfort of an armchair on your laptop or phone. You’re asked a few questions about your home and what you need and you’re very quickly provided with a range of boilers and prices to choose from.

Some websites will show you a variety of boiler models with a fixed price boiler installation packages, while others like Boiler Guide will provide you with up to 5 offers from different boiler installers. If you want to, you can then discuss some of these offers with the installers in more detail before making a final choice. The main thing is that you don’t have to deal with phone calls or sales people in your home.

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Compare Boiler Recommendations

Even if you’re not planning to purchase a boiler via an online quote you’ll be able to see what the professionals recommend in terms of a boiler make, model and size. Based on the information you enter into the website’s form you’ll receive a tailored recommendation which you can then use as a starting point in your research. Or you can compare them against a quote you’ve already received to be sure it’s suitable for your home. Boiler installers are required by law to fit only highly efficient boilers from April 2018, so all the suggested boilers should be high quality.

Save Time & Money

It’s well known that the best way to save money on a new boiler is to compare multiple quotes and choose the best deal. Often the snag with this is having to make contact with several different companies which is both time consuming and can lead to unwelcome sales calls or even salespeople in your home. By getting online boiler quotes you can fill in one form and receive several quotes in very quick time. No phone calls and no home visits – just accurate price offers or even fixed price quotes which you can use or not use as you wish.

Free, No Obligation Quotes

There is no charge for requesting online boiler quotes and no obligation to use any that you receive. All you’re really losing is a few minutes of your time which could result in an amazing price on a new boiler so, really, it’s worth a try.

Things to Consider When Buying a Boiler Online

Quality Installers?

Remember to check that the boiler package you’re buying will fitted by an installer who is Gas Safe registered and fully qualified. Reputable websites will only allow fully accredited and highly recommended installers to quote. In addition, Boiler Guide provide customer ratings and recommendations.

Fixed Price or Subject to Home Visit?

Check if the online price is the final ‘fixed price quote’ or an offer which is subject to the home visit. Some installers may estimate the cost of the job based on the information you provide but may need to adjust it later if there is more work involved than originally anticipated.

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Flexible Payment Options

Online quote websites may or may not offer the option to pay for your boiler via a monthly plan rather than all in one go. If this is something you’re interested in remember to check the interest on any finance plan you agree to and that you can definitely afford the monthly payments.

In conclusion…

If you’re looking for a new boiler then it could well be worth the few minutes it takes to complete an online form. You’ll receive a variety of offers for suitable boilers which even if you choose not to purchase should help you identify the right boiler for your home. It’s a very easy way to compare prices and very quickly see where you’re making savings. It’s true that some online quote providers don’t enable you to choose who will be installing your boiler, so if that’s important you may want to opt for a site like Boiler Guide.

  • Easy & Quick – no phone calls or salespeople
  • Find the best boilers recommended by professionals
  • Save money by comparing multiple quotes
  • Qualified, Gas Safe & highly rated installers
  • FREE quotes with no obligation

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