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Hygge: Warm Your Home The Danish Way

Denmark is frequently voted the happiest place in the world so just what makes them so happy? Well, one of the big contributors is hygge.

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Search for ‘hygge’ online and you’ll be met by images of 2 pairs of feet in fluffy socks sticking out of a blanket with hands cupping a warm mug of cocoa in front of a roaring fire. Now, not all of us have a crackling fireplace but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the Danish art of hygge.

Where did Hygge Come From?

A couple of years ago, you might not have come across the word, now it’s just about everywhere, especially during the winter months. While it’s widely described as a Danish term, the word ‘hygge’ actually originated in Norway. It was adopted by the Danes in the 18th century and has since become an essential part of Danish life.

By this point you’ve probably pronounced ‘hygge’ about 3 different ways in your head so to help you out, it’s pronounced ‘hoo-gah’.

How to Hygge Your Home

While lots of brands have jumped on the hygge bandwagon with the hope of selling you ‘hyggeligt’ products at extortionate prices, you don’t actually need them. In fact, you shouldn’t have to spend a penny to hygge your home – unless you need to stock up on candles!

Adopt the lifestyle and you could even start saving money by reducing your energy bills.

Dim lighting

Avoid turning any bright ceiling lights on (unless you have a dimmer switch). Instead, enjoy a warmer environment by just having a lamp on. Even better, light a few candles and really start reducing your reliance on electricity.

In fact, when asked what they associate the most with hygge, 85% say candles. The Danish love for candles doesn’t end there, a survey by the Danish Happiness Research Institute (yes, they have a Happiness Research Institute), found that most Danes will light more than 5 candles at a time (31%).

Source: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking

Not only do they like to light a lot of candles at one time, they’ll do it pretty often with 28% of Danes lighting candles every day.

Source: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking

Get snug

Turn the central heating on, cover yourself with throws, blankets and soft cushions then get settled on the sofa with a warm drink. Not only is hygge all about getting cosy and feeling warm but treating yourself too, so why not have a slice of cake to go with your brew.

Switch off

Keep your phone off and take time out from the series you’re currently binging to talk to the people around you. Live in the moment and appreciate those in the room with you rather than what’s trending.

When thinking about how many people to experience hygge with, 60% of Danes say 3-4 is the ideal number with 10+ seeming to be too many (1%).

Source: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking

There you have it, it’s all kind of simple really and, ultimately, that’s what hygge is all about. So switch off, enjoy the company of some close family or friends and cosy up in a nice warm home. Oh, and don’t forget the candles!

No Hygge, No Problem

Should an issue arise with your central heating system, it could be easy to forget the Danish way of thinking and watch as your home descends into chaos. Remain calm, stick the kettle on and remember that we live in an age where professional heating engineers are just a couple of taps away.

You can even start to think of heating engineers more as ‘Hygge Enhancers’, helping to increase the comfort, cosiness and overall warmth of your home.

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