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Installing a Boiler in a Bedroom

A boiler could potentially be installed into many rooms around the home, you’re not limited to the kitchen or utility room.

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Thanks to most modern boilers being compact, you can have them installed into wardrobes or cupboards so that they’re completely out of sight. Which opens up the potential to have a boiler installed in a bedroom without even having to look at it.

Having your boiler hidden away in a bedroom wardrobe sounds like a great idea, but installing a boiler in the same room you sleep in can often raise concerns. We’ve put this article together to let you know how you can safely install a boiler in a bedroom.

Can You Sleep in the Same Room as a Boiler?

There would have been a time when sleeping in the same room as a boiler wouldn’t have been recommended but nowadays boilers are incredibly efficient, safe and reliable appliances. You just need to ensure that the boiler is room sealed.

If you are installing a gas boiler in a bedroom then you’ll need to be aware of the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 which state that a gas boiler over 14kW can’t be installed into a room unless it’s room sealed.

What is a Room Sealed Boiler?

A room sealed boiler takes air from outside and sends any waste fumes back outdoors instead of into the room. This makes it perfectly safe to sleep in the same room as the unit. You’ll find that most modern boilers are room sealed but you should always check to be on the safe side.

If you have any doubts whatsoever then get a Gas Safe engineer to carry out an assessment of the bedroom.

What Are the Benefits?

Now you know that it’s perfectly safe to have a boiler installed in your bedroom, you can begin to really think about the benefits it can bring to your home.

More space

You’ll be able to benefit from having more space in the room that your boiler is currently installed in so if that’s the kitchen, more storage space for food.

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Hidden boiler

By installing the unit in a wardrobe, your boiler will be nicely hidden away so you won’t be damaging the decor of your bedroom.

What are the considerations?

When considering a boiler installation in a bedroom, the first thought for many homeowners is often safety and, secondly, whether the person in that room will be able to get any sleep with the noise of the boiler.

Consideration What You Need to Think About
Noise Boilers aren’t as loud as they once were but that doesn’t mean they’re silent. Every boiler will make some sort of noise (flame igniting) so if you’re a light sleeper then having a boiler in your room probably isn’t the best idea.
Space Despite many boilers being extremely compact in size, you’ll still have to commit some wardrobe space to the unit.
Carbon Monoxide Unsafe or faulty gas appliances can emit carbon monoxide which is a highly poisonous gas. There are several things you can do to lower the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and detect a leak should one occur.

Is There a Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

An unsafe gas appliance can emit carbon monoxide, a potentially life threatening gas. This can be easily avoided and monitored however. Simply ensure that you have your boiler service regularly (we recommend once a year) by a Gas Safe registered engineer who can resolve any faults before they become a hazard.

Whether you end up having the boiler installed in your bedroom or another room in the house, you should always have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. You can pick one up for about £20 to £30.

Are Any Other Rooms Suitable for a Boiler?

Still not sure whether having a boiler in your bedroom is right for you? Then there are other alternatives to the kitchen or utility room.

Loft If you’re thinking of a room in the house where you’re happy to lose a bit of space to a boiler then up in the loft is worth thinking about. Externally Some manufacturers offer external models of their boilers which can be housed outside, meaning that you only have to commit some garden space to the unit.

Location Considerations
Loft Flooring needs to be laid out to construct a safe walkway for heating engineers carrying out a service. Will need to install a ladder with guard rail. Ensure that the loft is well lit and has gas, electric and water isolation points.
External Needs to be accessible or the unit might require some extensive piping. Can be less efficient than internal boilers.

So, Should I Install a Boiler in my Bedroom?

Installing a boiler in a bedroom is the ideal solution for any homeowner looking to free up some space around the home. If you have the room to spare in a bedroom wardrobe then you can make use of it thanks to the compact size of most modern boilers.

By installing a room sealed boiler, you won’t have to be concerned about safety while you’re sleeping either. Just keep in mind that you should have a regular service of the unit, that will not only help keep your mind at rest about any concerns you might have but also highlight any existing or potential faults.

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