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Landlord Efficiency Cap Could Fall Short

With the introduction of a cap that expects landlords to contribute £3,5000 towards improving the efficiency of their rental properties, the Heating and Hot Water Council (HHIC) fear this might not be enough.

It’s hoped that this new cap will help to increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of F or G properties up to an EPC rating of at least band E.

While the HHIC has welcomed the cap of £3,500 to improve the efficiency of privately rented homes, they believe a £5,000 cap would be much more effective.

It’s thought that a £5,000 cap would benefit around 60% of privately rented properties while, in comparison, the agreed £3,500 cap is only good news for 30% of properties.

The cost of installing a new central heating system can typically amount to £4,000, the new cap of £3,500 can be easily exceeded.

Currently, new tenancies can’t go ahead in properties with an EPC lower than band E. As of April 2020, landlords will also be required to house existing tenancies in properties with an EPC E-rating at the very least.

Landlords have to either carry out this work or prove they have a valid exemption before 1 April 2020.

According to the English Housing Survey in 2014, around 290,000 privately rented homes only meet Energy Performance Certificate band F, falling short of band E targets.

In addition, the National Energy Action have reported that 4 million UK homes aren’t being provided with sufficient heat and power, thought to be a significant factor of the 28,000+ winter deaths in England and Wales each year.

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