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Do you qualify for a Warm Front Grant?

?Please note that this scheme is now closed. There may be other schemes available in your area – please visit our guide to Boiler, Central Heating & Insulation Grants 2018 for more information.

Home Heating Guide – Updated 19th March 2018

If you are entitled to income-relates benefits, you may also be eligible for a Warm Front Grant to help with insulation and heating improvements to your home.

Warmfront Government Grants

The scheme applies whether you own your own home or rent from a private landlord. However, since it is designed to combat fuel poverty, which results from a combination of poor energy efficiency, high energy prices and low income, certain criteria must be satisfied to qualify for a grant. These criteria apply to the householder, or to their spouse or partner, providing they live at the same address where the grant is to be used.

Warm Front Grants are awarded by the Government to fund cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and central heating improvements to residential properties. This initiative is administered by Carillion, a Government approved company. Grants are for amounts of up to £3,500 (or £6,000 if oil central heating is recommended) and may be available to the following:



Do you qualify for a free boiler?

Those awarded:

  • Pension Credit or;
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income-related) that includes a work-related activity or support component

And those awarded:

  • Income support or;
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income-related) in the first 13 week assesment phase or;
  • Job Seekers Allowance (income-based)

But who must also have one of the following:

  • Pensioner premium or;
  • Severe disability or disability premium, or;
  • a child tax credit award including a disabled or severly disabled child or young person element
  • living with a child under the age of 5

To be considered for a Warm Front Grant you must either own your own home or rent your home from a private landlord. Warm Front Grants are only available in England, although other schemes operate in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You can find out if you are entitled to a grant by ringing freephone: 0800 316 6011 or textphone: 0800 072 0156 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. If you have previously received a Warm Front Grant in respect of your property, you may still be eligible for a further grant for the balance up to £3,500 (or £6,000 if oil central heating is involved) less the value of all works previously completed under the Warm Front scheme. You can receive further advice by ringing the freephone number.

You will need to complete an application form before an assessor visits you to survey your property and recommend work. You can also apply for a grant on behalf of someone who may be eligible.

Once you have been accepted for a Warm Front Grant, your property will be assessed by a Home Energy Adviser, who will recommend improvements to your heating or insulation systems. This work will then be carried out by a fully trained installer, and regular checks will be made to ensure that the work done is of a high standard.

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?Please note that this scheme is now closed. There may be other schemes available in...

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