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Working From Home Tax Relief

Working From Home Tax Relief: Support Paying Your Energy Bills

If you have to work from home then you can claim working from home tax relief to help cover increased heating and electricity costs.

You’ll receive tax relief on £6 per week which works out as an additional £1.20 per week and £62 a year for basic rate taxpayers.

Am I eligible to make a claim?

Anybody who has been asked by their employer to work from home for at least one day can make a claim. This applies to anyone who works part-time and those in a household where more than one person is working from home.

Note: A new claim must be made for each tax year.

How much is the tax relief worth?

Working from home can leave you facing increased heating and electricity costs. Employers can offer to help cover these costs by paying you an extra £6 per week – tax free. They do not have to make this commitment, however.

If you aren’t receiving additional pay from your employer then you can claim for working from home tax relief through HMRC. Through the scheme, you won’t have to pay tax on an additional £6 each week. This equals £1.20 a week and a single application entitles you to tax relief for the full year, giving basic rate taxpayers an annual saving of £62.

Income Tax Band Weekly Saving Annual Saving
Basic Rate Taxpayer (20%) £1.20 £62
Higher Rate Taxpayer (40%) £2.40 £124

There’s no need to hold onto bills or receipts to prove how much you spend. That is unless you plan to claim more than the £6 weekly tax relief.

Make your claim today

To make your claim for working from home tax relief, visit You’ll need to login using your Government Gateway ID and password. If you don’t have an account then you’ll need to register.

Once you’re ready to complete the application then you’ll need your National Insurance number and a recent payslip. You’ll also need to know the date you started working from home.

Home heating advice

We know a thing or two about how to heat a home efficiently. So follow our advice and you could see your heating bills drop.

Switch supplier

Most homes are heated by a gas boiler. So when you turn the heating on, gas is delivered to your property by a supplier. Each gas supplier sets their own rates so it can be worth comparing tariffs to find the best deal. It’s worth doing the same for electricity too.

Invest in a smart thermostat

Having greater control over your heating will really help to lower your heating bills. This is where a smart thermostat can help.

Smart thermostats, such as Nest and Hive, are a modern take on the traditional thermostat. You’ll have the ability to control the heating from your smart device and they can automatically adapt to your home heating habits. So if you were to leave the heating on when you go out, your smart thermostat can turn it off for you.

Book a boiler service

A boiler in top condition will help to keep your heating bills down. That’s where a boiler service comes in. During a service, a heating engineer will check your boiler inside and out. They’ll ensure it’s running safely, reliably and efficiently. All of which will make help to keep your heating bills down.

Get a new boiler

Modern gas boilers achieve efficiencies of over 90%. This means that they’re turning almost all of the fuel into heat for your home. The waste goes out the flue pipe and into the atmosphere.

The longer you wait to replace your boiler, the less efficient it will become. If your boiler is old and inefficient then your heating bills will rise. By replacing your boiler could be saving you money every month.

So how do you know when to replace your boiler? The best rule of thumb is to start thinking about a new boiler after 8-10 years. If it gets to 15 years then act fast.

Visit Boiler Guide today to get free quotes from heating engineers near you. There’s never been a quicker way to get multiple quotes and there’s no-obligation to accept them. You hold all the cards.

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