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Baxi Bermuda High Efficiency Back Boiler Helps Couple Save on Winter Bills

Fuel poverty has been around for a long time, although it is only within the past couple of years the issue has become a truly nationwide problem.

Baxi bermuda fire frontHigher energy bills coupled with colder winters have ensured many households throughout the UK have experienced some degree of fuel poverty and the recession has also played its part in creating financial difficulties for energy consumers more generally.

Unfortunately, fuel poverty is not a problem that can be easily solved, as it is expected that average fuel bills will rise further in the near future; furthermore, energy-saving measures such as replacing older boilers for newer, more energy-efficient central heating systems require an initial outlay, which households affected by fuel poverty may not be able to afford.

A couple in Sunderland, however, has been able to benefit from an upgraded boiler through funding provided by Baxi and Eaga plc. This funding allowed National Energy Action (NEA), a charity commissioned to tackle fuel poverty, to install a high efficiency Baxi Bermuda fire and back boiler unit in the pensioners’ North East home.

The move has already produced startling results, with the pensioners, who are in their 60s, reporting a massive 34.8% saving on their winter gas bills. Previously, the couple’s fuel bills topped a staggering £1,500 per year, so cutting this amount by over a third ought to be seen as a huge success.

It was because of the pensioners’ expensive annual fuel bill they were selected for the trial, which is currently evaluating the impact of upgraded boilers and will most likely be extended to others across the country.

A household is considered to be in fuel poverty if it spends 10% or more of its income on domestic energy costs. Replacing old boilers can be an expensive task, even with the help of Government incentives.

In the present case, the couple’s existing boiler was over 25 years old and around 60% less efficient than the Baxi Bermuda BBU HE. NEA Technical Officer, Adam Jones, explained that the couple’s bill for December to April 2008-2009 was £337.15, but only £220 for the same period plus three weeks in 2009-2010 after the installation.

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3 thoughts on “Baxi Bermuda High Efficiency Back Boiler Helps Couple Save on Winter Bills

  1. I have a baxi bermuda back boiler which has a pilot light and is therfore G rated. It is still going strong although its 25 yrsold. Im thinking of replacing with a new Sedbuk A rated baxi back boiler (Ive discounted relocating the boiler elsewhere as all the pipework would have to be altered and when adding in the cost of having carpets lifted and relaid plus the inevitable redecoration and allowing that new boilers are reported as lasting on avegae around 8yrs the life cycle cost even assuming a 33% reduction in gas consumption with a new boiler simply wouldnt be economically attractive).
    My question relates to the quoted figures above Dec-Apr 2008-9 compared to the same period plus three weeks in 2009-10. Comparison by cost isnt relevant – nor is direct comparison in terms of kWh unless the energy consumption has been adjusted to take into account degree days. Was such a fair comparison made? If not, how was an assessment made of the prevailing weather conditions in 2008-9 compared to 2009-10. i.e. Is it possible that the savings suggested were nothing to do with the efficiency of the new boiler, perhaps it was simply a case of the weather being milder? The claimed increase in efficiency does seem too good to be true (60%)?

  2. I bought a Baxi Bermuda for my mother (82) six weeks ago. since then it has broken down three times because trhe condensate pipe is frozen. Seems to me the thing only works in above zero temperatures which defeats the purpose. I was trying to keep my mum warm through the winter. Should have left well alone because the old boiler was still working. So, if you’re thingk of buying one of these boilers prepare to freeze!

  3. I had a baxi high efficiency boiler installed in July 2011 and it just stopped working for some reason in late August that year. It’s now January 31st 2012 and it has stopped working again in the middle of a serious cold spell.
    While I like these boilers in principal and don’t see any fundamental design faults, Baxi really need to get their finger out and find out what causes these boilers to stop working before they lose all credibility. If after this boiler is repaired it breaks down again I am going to hammer Baxi under the sale of goods act, which states very clearly that a product or service has to be fit for purpose. Stopping working in the middle of freezing cold winter conditions is clearly indicative of a boiler not being fit for purpose.
    It’s hard to know whether this is a one off problem with the boiler I have or if it’s an overall issue with these boilers, but time will tell indeed.

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