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Baxi Ecogen micro-CHP wins Green Award

Baxi has received the Green Innovation Award earlier this month for the Baxi Ecogen micro-CHP, or micro-Combined Heat and Power, system.

Green Innovation AwardThe Award was presented on behalf of Sustainability Now as part of a virtual event, designed to be a cost-effective and low-carbon affair. The Ecogen fought off eight other innovative products up for the award which were all recognised as technologies that could make a difference and help the construction sector meet its sustainability goal.

But Baxi was handed the coveted award ahead of the competition with professionals from architecture, engineering, quantity surveying, project management and construction sectors all attending the online exhibition.

The Ecogen looks and operates very similarly to a conventional boiler. The only difference is the Ecogen uses a special Stirling engine which works in a similar way to a car generator – when the engine gas burner is ignited the heat causes helium inside the engine to expand which then pushed a piston up and down between a copper coil to generate up to 1kW of electricity.

This electricity produced can then be used to power home appliances, with it being most efficient when it uses electricity as it is generated – for example using a dishwasher in the evenings when the heating is on and the boiler is operating.

The Baxi Ecogen micro-CHP can be installed as a direct replacement for your old boiler, can be located in the same place and it even qualifies for the Clean Energy Cashback Scheme otherwise known as the feed-in tariff.

Sarah Brook, Marketing Director for Baxi Group, represented the firm at the virtual exhibition and conference. She said: “We are delighted to have received this prestigious accolade, especially in the face of such tough competition.

“We are convinced that micro-CHP is set to make a huge impact on the domestic heating industry, and are very proud of Baxi Ecogen, the first wall-hung micro-CHP appliance available on the market which can be specified by local authorities, housing associations and private developers.

“It will help them meet Level 3 of the Code of Sustainable Homes, tackle fuel poverty issues more effectively and significantly cut carbon emissions. Developed and manufactured in the UK, Baxi Ecogen is a unique, world-class technology for the 21st Century home.”

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