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Boiler Scrappage Scheme Plans Announced

Boiler scrappage scheme announcedThe UK government confirmed plans for its long awaited boiler scrappage scheme in its pre-budget report yesterday. The scheme is the culmination of a 10 Downing Street petition started by Mick Willaims of Williams & Co., a plumbers’ merchant in the south of England and led by Sian Berry’s Reheat Britain campaign .

The scheme will help secure thousands of jobs within the boiler and plumbing industry whilst saving thousands of pounds of wasted domestic energy and thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every single year.

The scheme applies to boilers rated at 70% efficiency and less (‘G’ rated) and provides for a £400 incentive for the homeowner to upgrade their ageing and fuel hungry boilers. The scheme is expected to commence in early 2010 with an estimated allowance of 125,000 households. There are currently over 4.5 million inefficient boilers in the UK which will be eligible for the rebate, we’ve compiled a handy boiler scrappage rating check to see if you may qualify for the rebate.

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15 thoughts on “Boiler Scrappage Scheme Plans Announced

  1. I am a heating engineer and would like to know, which companies this scheme will be open too.

  2. Richard, We’re not sure and are trying to find out how the scheme will operate., the information is currently very limited. I’ll update should I hear anything.

  3. No doubt this will only be open to the “warmfront” closed shop!!
    Local councils should run this, with GS registration and PL insurance the criteria

  4. So which is it then?
    In your preamble you state 125,000 households will bennefit from this grant and then in the next breath you say 4.5million boilers are eligible.
    Can we please have some real figures quoted or is it all guess work?

  5. Guess what I have a boiler that is 18 years old but doesnt quite qualify for the scrappage scheme even though I have been told it is a ‘G’ rating and I have been recommended I change it!!!!!
    So how many other people will be like me???!!!!!!

  6. I would like to know is this scrappage scheme available to everyone who have a G or below, or do you have to be eligable by being on 1 type of benefit or earn under a certain amount?
    Myself and partner both work and arn’t eligable for the Warmfront, so just wondering if this would be an incentive for us? Thanks

  7. Have had quotes for my boiler to be replaced just as the sceme was announced, my local independant GS installer quote is £1000 below two national gas suppliers but they tell me that he will not be able to join the scheme because he is an indepenmdant. Am I beingconned by them?

  8. No one publicly knows how the scrappage scheme will be operated yet as the finer details have not yet been announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The campaigners are pushing for it to be open to independent contractors as well as national firms so it would be worth waiting.

  9. As Mr Denton pointed out £1000.difference I bet when this scheme is into full flow it will be £1400. difference.
    The home owner when they receive there gas work notification papers should also receive a scrappage claim form.
    Does anyone remember When the £200. cash back was offered for changing to a condensing boiler, much fairer

  10. I total agree with Dave Cook why not have a rebate on the price of the boiler then people wont get ripped off by over pricing!

  11. can you please tell me when the £400 will start and what installers will be allowed to carry out the work

  12. Does this boiler scrappage scheme also cover Scotland?
    does anyone have a contact number?

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