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Scottish Boiler Scrappage Scheme

?Please note that this scheme is now closed. There may be other schemes available in your area – please visit our guide to Boiler, Central Heating & Insulation Grants 2018 for more information.

Following the success of the last Scottish boiler scrappage scheme, the Scottish Government has confirmed £1m has been made available for a similar boiler scrappage scheme that kicks off on 1st February 2011

The new boiler scrappage scheme will allow 2,500 households in Scotland with inefficient boilers to claim £400 towards the cost of replacing them with a new efficient A-rated boiler.

The replacement of 2,500 G-rated boilers will shed around 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide being omitted from Scottish homes per year – the equivalent of taking 850 cars off Scottish roads.

Alex Neil, Housing and Communities Minister, said: “Through the boiler scrappage scheme we will help replace rickety old boilers for new energy saving models and importantly, put money back in the pockets of householders.

“At the same time we are providing an economic stimulus for the heating industry, supporting jobs and helping it get through this financially difficult time.”

How do I apply?

  • Find if your boiler is eligible – it must be G rated at 70% efficiency or less.
  • Contact a boiler installer to receive quotes for a boiler replacement. You can do that by calling British Gas on 0333 230 5216 or request quotes at Boiler Guide.
  • Once you have received a quotation, you can apply for a voucher by calling the Energy Saving Trust on: 0800 512 012 or follow links from the Energy Saving Trust website
  • If granted with a voucher, pay for the boiler and installation up-front and claim the £400 rebate back by sending the voucher and invoice back to the Energy Saving Trust

What is the aim of the Scottish Boiler Scrappage Scheme?


Just like the rest of the UK, Scotland has a hugely ambitious CO2 emission reduction target of reducing carbon emissions by 42 per cent over the next decade. The installation of an efficient heating system is one of the major ways of reducing household CO2 emissions, as well as shrinking the cost of bills, as domestic heating and hot water accounts for around 16 per cent of Scotland’s CO2 emissions.

The scrappage scheme acts as an incentive for Scottish residents to replace their inefficient boilers and reduce CO2 emission by 2,500 tonnes each year.

What are the benefits for me?

New A-rated boilers have rated efficiencies of over 90 per cent or more, meaning they use less fuel and thus lower CO2 emissions and running costs.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, switching from a G-rated boiler to one recommended by them will reduce your bills by almost a quarter – a predicted saving of around £235 a year for a three bed semi-detached house.

Am I eligible?

From 24 May 2010, if you are a homeowners, private tenant or private landlord in Scotland with a working boiler with an efficiency rating of G (or equivalent) you can apply for a £400 voucher through the Energy Saving Trust. The voucher entitles you to £400 off the price of a new A-rate boiler.

If you’re aged under 60, the G-rated boiler will need to be the main source of heat for your home and still be working. If you’re over 60, the boiler does not need to be in working order for you to be eligible for the scrappage scheme.

When does the Scottish Boiler Scrappage Scheme close?

The Scottish scrappage scheme is capped to 2,500 households on a strict first-come first-served basis. Therefore we urge that you source quotes for a boiler replacement as soon as possible before all the vouchers are allocated. For more information about the eligibility of boiler models please refer to our boiler scrappage rating page.

Remember, you must be in possession of the voucher before having your boiler replaced and must have it installed by 25th March 2011.

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?Please note that this scheme is now closed. There may be other schemes available in...

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