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Britain Could Cut Central Heating Emmissions by 30%

Doemst water usage reportThe Energy Saving Trust and the Environment Agency have today launched a joint report on the impact of wasteful domestic water usage on Britain’s carbon footprint.

Whilst it is widely accepted that double glazing and loft insulation can significantly reduce the amount of energy that is wasted throughout the home, little attention is often paid to water wastage.

The report indicates that by adopting low flow rate taps and lagging pipes, Britain could potentially cut the carbon emissions relating to central heating by around 30%. Moreover, in respect to water and energy bills, it is further argued that this saving would represent an annual reduction of approximately £225 for the average household.

The task of cutting greenhouse gas emissions is an important objective for the whole world. Global warming has already started to impact on the international community, which is generally experiencing more extreme weather conditions and significantly higher average temperatures. Furthermore, in Britain and across the developed world, the rising cost of fuel bills is leading to a highly undesirable economic situation. Fittingly referred to as ‘fuel poverty’, many consumers are faced with paying bills that represent 10% to 25% of their weekly income, which significantly reduces the availability of cash in the average household and is especially damaging during a recession.

Although making the necessary changes to domestic plumbing in all British houses is not feasible, the report has estimated that installing a 6 litres per minute shower head and using a 4.5 litre toilet instead of the standard fittings will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 371Kg. Furthermore, adapted households would conserve around 67 cubic metres of water annually, which is significant in a world that also faces water shortages.

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