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British Gas Launches EnergySmart – The end to estimated bills?

EnergySmart electricity monitorBritish Gas is introducing an innovative new service, called British Gas EnergySmart, to enable customers to monitor the energy they use, and reduce bills. Householders using the scheme will save an estimated £110 per year on utility costs, and will also qualify for a £40 introductory rebate.

Instead of receiving estimated bills once a quarter, the new British Gas EnergySmart service will enable customers to log-in online to view their energy bills and pay monthly statements via the Internet. They will also be able to monitor usage, and set targets for energy reduction, as well as a host of other functions. Using an electricity monitor provided free by British Gas, householders will be able to assess how much energy their appliances are using and then cut down where required. This puts customers in control – rather than waiting for a dreaded bill to arrive, they can take steps to save on costs. It is estimated that by using this system householders will save approximately £110 per year on utility bills. They will also receive an introductory rebate of £40 from British Gas.

Under the scheme customers submit their own meter readings online and will receive reminders when a meter reading is due; this means accurate bills rather than estimates. Because bills are online rather than paper statements, it is also kinder to the environment. Using the Internet service consumers can choose from a range of payment options including direct debit and online payment by debit or credit card. The sophisticated online tracking tools also enable them to easily keep a check on the amount of energy used and the cost. Signing up for British Gas EnergySmart is straightforward both for existing and new customers and can be done via the British Gas website.

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