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Gas use in UK homes is falling thanks to better energy efficiency

The extent of gas usage in UK households has seen a dramatic fall over the past four years. The reduction is said to be a result of consumers taking on more energy efficiency measures.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research came up with the findings as part of a new major report for British Gas. As part of the study they examined 40 million meter readings of British Gas customers over  four years. Results show that there was an average 22 per cent drop in gas consumption.

The findings are good news, particularly in light of rising heating costs. Five of the’ Big Six’ utility companies have increased their prices.

As well as helping to save money switching to more energy efficient heating means less carbon emissions from homes.

Findings from the report have also revealed that between 2006 – 2010, homes that installed new insulation and energy efficient boilers reduced their gas use by 44 per cent.

Around a fifth of the UK’s gas market is represented by the report.

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  1. I definatley have seen prices sky rocket over the past 10 years. Heating the home gets more and more expensive.

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