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Government Warm Front Heating and Insulation Grants

If your home is not properly insulated or your heating system is not as good as it should be, the Warm Front Scheme may be just what you need. With heating costs on the rise, it could save you a lot of money and at the same time give you a warmer home. And if you qualify for a grant, it might not cost you a penny.

What is Warm Front?

Warm Front is a government-funded initiative that aims to make homes warmer, more comfortable and more energy efficient. It provides a package of home insulation and central heating / boiler improvements up to a maximum value of £2,700 (or, if oil fired central heating is recommended, up to £4,000). Refer to the Warm Front Grants – What Do They Cover? article for a description of what can be provided.

The scheme is only available in England but similar schemes operate in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Who Runs the Scheme?

The Warm Front Scheme is managed by EAGA, a company that runs various government programmes that tackle fuel poverty. You can contact EAGA by:

  • calling 0800 3162805 for advice
  • accessing their Warm Front web site ( to obtain full and up-to-date information about the scheme
  • sending an email to to check your eligibility or to for advice.

How Do I Apply?

You first need to find out if you qualify for a grant — see the Warm Front Scheme – Do You Qualify? article or check the list on the web site If you do qualify, you can apply by telephone or directly from the web site.

What Happens Next?

If your application for a grant is successful, a trained assessor will visit your home, at a convenient time for you, to find out what is required. The visit will normally take place within three weeks of your application for a grant being approved and should last no longer than one hour. The assessor will:

  • need to see proof of your benefits in order to check that your claim is valid
  • carry out a survey of your home
  • tell you about the energy improvements that are available under the scheme
  • recommend what needs to be done.

If the recommended work costs more than the available grant, you will be told the figure because you will have to pay the excess amount. If you decide to go ahead, the work will be done at a pre-arranged time.

And that’s it. Providing the cost of the work is covered by the grant, there’s nothing to pay!

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  1. My wife applied for central heating grant 2 years sgo and still has not received it.

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