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Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boilers

Specialising in Gas, Oil and LPG fired boilers, Worcester Bosch has been providing quality service in the heating and hot water industry since 1962. Also known as Worcester, the Bosch group became joint owners in 1992 and have built on the success of the original Worcester Group. All of Worcester’s boilers run at a 90% or over efficiency rate which sees them as the recognised market leader for high level efficiency technology in boilers.

In keeping with the morals behind Worcester they pride themselves on using Greenstar condensing boilers which, under the SEDBUK Government energy efficiency grading, are rated ‘A’, which basically means less natural gas, LPG or oil is wasted.

The Worcester Bosch boilers currently on the market cater for various users depending on specialist needs. The Combi boiler seems to be the most popular option used by property owners as hot water is available instantly without having to wait for a storage cylinder, as with regular boilers, to heat up. The more economic option over regular gas boilers would be system boilers which pump water to the radiators making them overall more responsive.

The gas firing Worcester Bosch boilers are favoured under part 1 of the Building Regulations and can lead to results of 20% savings on domestic bills. The High efficiency Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi range has larger heat exchangers to recycle heat which would be lost on other boilers.

Adding to Worcester Bosch’s outlook on reducing their carbon footprint all of their systems are compatible with Worcester Greenskies solar panels.

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  1. Looking tio replace a Worcester Combi Boiler with same make poosibly later version of Greenstar 35HE Plus…need to be able to Shower and run water to sinks at same time at present if in the shower and someone flushes loo it freezes the water temperature. Cant get any sense out 9of British gas what do you recommend. Wall Mounted but not on view. Thanks JW

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