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Insulate Your Home to Alleviate Energy Costs

We might not be able to prevent energy firms from hiking their energy prices, but ensuring our homes are well insulated can go a long way to helping alleviate skyrocketing energy costs.

A well insulated property is the best form of defence when it comes to mitigating the price rises levid to gas and electricity tariffs. Unfortunately, according to National Energy Action (NEA)- an organisation that promotes energy efficiency services in low-income households – the UK’s housing stock is leaking heat, as a result of poor energy efficiency.

With around 25% of heat in homes being lost through the roof, walls come off even worse, losing some 35% of heat. Doors and windows don’t fair quite so badly, responsible for between 10 t0 15% of lost heat.

“Insulating cavity walls and loft spaces, placing carpets down rather than wooden floors, adding draught excluders to doors and fitting double glazing will all help lower energy use, mitigating the price rises,” said Maria Wardrobe, director of external affairs at NEA.

The organisation has estimated that if all of the “Big Six” energy providers hike their energy costs, by the end of September 2012, around 6.6 million UK households will be gripped by fuel poverty. Currently, EDF and npower have yet to announce increases.

Aside from cavity wall insulation, double glazing, and loft insulation, installing an energy efficient condensing boiler and making sure your hot water tank and pipes are well insulated are home improvement measures that could help save energy and reduce heating costs.

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