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Low Energy Light Bulbs

Low energy light bulbMany of us, at some point, would have received those oddly shaped light bulbs from our energy supplier, that are not only unsightly, but certainly do not look like they would fit in an up-lighter so therefore are shoved in the back of a cupboard somewhere. However, do you know that each Low Energy Light-bulb could save you sixty pounds on your energy bill throughout the course of its lifetime? Looking a lot prettier now, aren’t they!

In fact, Low Energy Light bulbs have evolved significantly in recent years. Long gone are those early models that took a day and an age to actually start emitting a decent level of light! Modern Low Energy Light-bulbs (or Eco bulbs) now produce a yellow light, that is bright and totally unlike the early models which produced a totally unnatural and cold lighting effect. As well as the actual light ‘colour’ changing, modern energy saving  light bulbs also come on quicker (usually within a second) and only take a few seconds to get up to full capacity.

Eco Bulbs, if you did not receive them free from your energy supplier, normally only cost around a pound to buy, which means they don’t cost much more than normal light bulbs. Yes, they do contain Mercury, so you should be careful when disposing of them (take them to the dump!). And, yes, they are quite ugly, but they do come in more regular shapes now, and they do actually fit in up lighters!

Oh, and one more thing… In September 2007, leading retailers signed a ‘voluntary’ phase-out of the old style energy eating light bulb! Given that Low Energy Light-bulbs are here to stay – we need to all embrace them! You can find a low energy bulb buying guide here.

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