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Benefits of Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are no longer the ugly monstrosities they used to be…

One of the most effective and easy to implement energy saving products on the market is the light bulb and today’s bulbs have moved on a lot since the early days. They’re no longer ugly monstrosities that you hid out of sight but now look very much like standard bulbs and come in many different shapes and sizes, do not have that cold light and some can even be dimmed.

Benefits of energy saving bulbs

The huge savings to be had is not only the energy savings benefit but in the cost as well, a standard energy saving light bulb lasts 10 times longer than a conventional bulb which could save you around £60 before it needs replacing. That also takes into account the fact that an energy saving bulb costs more to buy, however, these prices are dropping all the time and an average price would be around £3, which you’ll probably make back in the first year.

These energy saving light bulbs only require about a 1/5 of the power needed for the same same amount of light form a conventional bulb and as such the wattage ratings are very different, so bear in mind the equivalent ratings below when buying the new types.

Conventional BulbEnergy Saving Equivalent Bulb

Innovations in lighting

The steps forward in energy saving light bulbs have been dramatic and with more and more people being environmentally aware manufacturers are spending more on developing bulbs that work in a similar way to traditional bulbs, dimmable bulbs which until recently has been a domain of the traditional bulb can now be bought in an energy saving type. Newer bulbs have nicer light than the older type energy saving bulbs and are now being readily accepted by homes worldwide.

Did You Know?

According to if there was global switch to energy efficient lighting we could save 1/10 of the worlds electricity.


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