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Pensioners Urged to Apply for Insulation Grants

Mike O’Brien, the Minister for Pensions Reform is calling for all elderly people receiving Pension Credit to apply for Home Insulation Grants. Insulating your home against heat loss is the single most important measure you can make to reduce energy bills and significantly improves quality of life.

Loft Insulation

“If you own your own home or rent it from a private landlord, you may be eligible for a free grant to insulate your walls and loft.” Mike O’Brien goes on to say “£1 in every £3 spent on heating bills is wasted in poorly insulated homes.”

Grants are available through the Governments Warm Front Heating and Insulation scheme. The minister is urging pensioners to call the free Energy Advice Line on 0800 316 2805.

With ever increasing energy prices it’s more important than ever to ensure every penny available is used to help in reducing heating bills.

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7 thoughts on “Pensioners Urged to Apply for Insulation Grants

  1. Is it you who service for free gas boilers for oaps. My boiler is in now well over a year.

  2. hi i am just enquiring for my grandmother as she needs her cavity walls doing and any other help she can get. I also wanted to ask will she be able to get help with windows at all? as she has old wooden frames and there so drafty. many thanks kay.

  3. Just found out my pensioner mother has a broken boiler been boiling kettle for hot water. Is there any financial help for her?

  4. I am 67 and partially sighted and only have an old emergen heater in the house am I entitled to any help towards getting central heating fitted

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