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Gas & Electricity Price WarsGood news for consumers as the energy companies are set for a full scale price war this winter. According to the energy companies, ‘officially’ the 1st October is the beginning of the winter period, which lasts through until the 31st March. This new pricing period will mean new tariffs for some of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers. However, you do not get something for nothing in this life and to benefit you have to be “in it to win it”, so to speak!

Customers have to elect to change their pricing tariffs in order to benefit from cost cutting deals (such as duel fuel). Research by Moneysupermarket has shown that the difference in savings between a standard tariff and a companies ‘best deal’ can be around £240 a year. However, Ofgem, the energy regulations board, have conducted research which shows that up to ten million households (nearly forty per cent of all homes) are stuck on standard tariffs!

So, if you want to take advantage of some great deals, such as British Gas’s WebSaver 4 tariff which is currently £134 cheaper than the standard tariff, or Scottish Powers duel fuel 7 tariff, which is a whopping £387 cheaper than their standard tariff, then you need to pick up the phone, or go on-line and get yourself the best deal! Also ask your energy supplier if you can benefit from paying your bill on-line, or by direct debit each month, as these payment methods will often be rewarded with additional discounts.

It is also worth noting that tariff rates are normally based on ‘medium’ users (as opposed to light or heavy users), so check out your usage before committing yourself and make sure you really are getting the best deal possible.

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