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Sentinel Launches Hot Water System Awareness Campaign

Sentinel has launched an awareness campaign to help homeowners save money by highlighting how  a properly treated hot water system could save them up to £120 a year off their heating and hot water bills.

The pilot scheme has been launched initially in Coventry, Warwick and Leamington Spa – traditionally areas that are prone to very hard water. In these areas, heatingn and hot water systems are prone to limescale build-up as well as the usual build-up of system ‘sludge’ as a result of rusting inside an untreated system.

The campaign has been devised to try to generate additional leads for installers, and highlights the energy saving, money saving and maintenance saving benefits of having a clean central heating system.

Sentinel believes that with up to 50% of the heating systems in the UK probably still untreated, there is a massive marketplace waiting to hear about ways of saving money on the ever rising fuel bills that people in the UK are increasingly experiencing.

“It seems highly unlikely that fuel bills will go down in the foreseeable future, so people are looking for any way they can of reducing the amount they spend on heating and hot water costs,” said Sentinel’s director of sales, John Lynch.

“On an average annual heating bill of £800, we know that a clean heating system protected with Sentinel X100 can save up to 15% of their fuel costs over an untreated system – that’s £120 a year – and not just this year, but every year they keep their systems clean.”

For further information, go to Sentinel’s dedicated website,

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