Tenants Have Highest Fuel Bills Says Citizens Advice

People who live in rented accommodation are more likely to be trapped by high energy bills, compared to home owners reports the Citizens Advice. 

Thanks to negligent landlords failing to energy proof their rented  properties by implementing energy efficient home improvements, more and more tenants are living in homes that hemorrhage heat, leading to higher than average energy bills.

Tenants have to rely on landlords to make sure their properties are well insulated, whether it’s by installing double glazing or having cavity wall insulation and loft insulation fitted to keep the heat in.

The Citizens Advice, together with Friends of the Earth are appealing to the Government and private landlords to help tenants manage their rising energy costs, particularly in light of energy providers who have recently increased their energy tariffs across the board.

Energy efficient homes cost tenants hundreds of pounds in unnecessary wasted energy every year. Figures released by the Energy Saving Trust have revealed that some 680,000 private tenants who live in properties with an energy rating of F or G are having to pay out on average £488 annually on wasted energy.

Any property rented out in the UK currently requires an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which rates the property’s energy performance from a band A to G. These ratings help potential tenants determine how energy efficient a property is. Come 2018, new rules will come info force which will make it illegal for any landlord to rent out a property that falls below an EPC rating of band E.

Depending on their circumstances, private tenants in rented accommodation may be able to get free or heavily discounted insulation. Tenants will usually need to get written permission from the landlord for the work, but it is a win win situation for both parties. Whilst tenants benefit from a warmer home and a reduction in their energy bills, landlords will see the market value of their property increase.

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