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66% of Homeowners Only Replace Boiler When it Breaks, BEIS Survey Finds

66% of UK homeowners put off replacing their heating system until it shows signs of deterioration or completely breaks down, a recent Public Attitude Tracker from the Department for Business, Industrial & Energy Strategy (BEIS) has found.

As well as the majority of homeowners delaying a boiler replacement until the last possible moment, the survey also discovered that:

  • Only 12% would replace the boiler while it still works
  • 43% would replace their heating system to reduce energy bills
  • 33% would have a new heating system installed to because it’s environmentally-friendly.

When it came to homeowners looking for information about a new heating system, 79% said that heating engineers and installers are their most trusted source, followed by family and friends.

The survey also looked at homeowner attitudes towards energy bills, finding that 18% keep an eye on their heating bills with the aim of reducing them. The overwhelming reasons for homeowners to not track their energy usage came down to comfort.

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Putting off replacing your old boiler until it breaks down could leave your home without heating and hot water until a new unit has been purchased and installed by a professional heating engineer. Not only that but the lower efficiency of older units means that your energy bills will be much higher than they would with a more modern, efficient boiler.

So, if the cost of a new boiler is an overriding factor in delaying a boiler replacement, you’ll actually be saving more in the long run through reduced energy bills by installing a new boiler.

If you’re not sure when to consider a replacement boiler without the unit deteriorating to the point where it no longer works, some indicators include:

  • Your boiler was installed more than 8 years ago
  • The boiler’s efficiency rating is anything lower than ‘A’
  • Energy bills have been on the rise
  • Strange noises are coming from the heating system (banging, gurgling or kettling)
  • You have to wait a long to for the heating to warm up a room

Don’t wait until your boiler breaks down to think about installing a new one and you’ll get more time and control over the new boiler and installation as well as the benefit of lower energy bills.

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What is the Public Attitude Tracker?

The BEIS have been running Public Attitude Tracker surveys since March 2012 and conduct 4 every year. The most recent survey took place between 5th-16th December 2018 and the statistics were collected through face-to-face interviews with 4,273 UK households.

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