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Ariston Boilers – Ranges, Prices & Guarantees

Ariston boilers logoWhile the production of Ariston boilers did not start until the 1980s, the company can be traced all the way back to the 1930s when it began as a producer of weighing scales in the Marche area of Italy.

The Ariston brand is continually innovating to compete with industry leaders and produces a wide range of gas boilers for every size and type of home as well as electric heaters, renewable heating solutions and energy saving accessories. The Italian brand is part of the Ariston Thermo Group. The group designs and sells high quality heating solutions in over 150 countries.

Ariston Product Range

  • Combi, System & Regular Boilers
  • Heating Controls & Outdoor Sensors
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • Air Source Heat Pump Cylinders
  • Solar Thermal

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Popular Combi Boilers

Combi boilers take their water supply directly from the mains to produce hot water on demand. This means no separate hot water cylinder is required which makes them a great choice for small to medium sized homes. Ariston produce several models of sleek, compact and easy to use Combi boilers which offer high energy efficiency and powerful performance.

Clas Net OneClas HE EvoE-Combi Evo
Available Outputs (kW)24, 30, 3824, 30, 3824, 30, 38
SEDBUK Energy RatingAAA
Standard Warranty12 years5 years2 years
LPG Conversion Kit?YesNoNo
Compatible Heating Controls?Full rangeFull rangeFull range

Popular System Boilers

System boilers are an ideal solution for medium to large homes with a high demand for heating and hot water. The reasons for this is that they incorporate a hot water storage cylinder which keeps a backup store of hot water which can supply multiple outlets at the same time without losing pressure.

E System OneClas System OneClas HE System Evo
Available Outputs (kW)24, 3018, 24, 3018, 24, 30
SEDBUK Energy RatingAAA
Standard Warranty2 years8 years5 years
LPG Conversion Kit?YesYesNo
Compatible Heating Controls?Full rangeFull rangeFull range

Popular Regular Boilers

Ariston manufacture a Regular boiler to replace boilers in traditional heating systems. These systems include both a hot water cylinder and a feed and expansion tank which is usually stored in a loft or attic.

Clas HE Regular
Available Outputs (kW)24
SEDBUK Energy RatingA
Standard Warranty5 years
LPG Conversion Kit?No
Compatible Heating Controls?Room Thermostat, Outdoor Sensor

Popular Discontinued Boilers

Below you can find more information about some of Ariston’s most popular discontinued models (ideal if you want to compare your current boiler to their new offerings).

Heating Controls

Installing heating controls for your boiler gives you greater control over your energy efficiency and can help to significantly reduce your heating bills.

Ariston Microgenus 23 MFFI GasAriston Microgenus 24 HE MFFI Gas
Ariston Microgenus 27 MFFI GasAriston Eurocombi A/23 MFFI Gas
Ariston Microgenus 28 HE MFFI GasAriston Microcombi 23 MFFI Gas
Ariston Microgenus 23 MFFI GasAriston Microgenus 27 MFFI Gas
Ariston Genus 27 BFFI Plus GasAriston Microgenus 24 HE MFFI Gas
Ariston Microsystem 28 RFFI GasAriston Intesa TP 23 MFFI Gas
Ariston ACO 32 RFFI GasAriston Microgenus II 31 MFFI Gas
Ariston Microsystem 21 RFFI GasAriston Microcombi 27 MFFI Micro Combi Series Gas
Ariston Eurocombi A/27 MFFI GasAriston Excalibur 23 MFFI Excalibur 80 MFFI Gas
Ariston Intesa TP 30 MFFI GasAriston Microgenus 32 HE MFFI Gas
Ariston Microgenus II 24 MFFI GasAriston ACO 32 MFFI Gas
Ariston ACO 27 MFFI GasAriston Combi A 30 MFFI Combi A Gas
Ariston Genus Plus 30 BFFI GasAriston Combi A 24 MFFI Combi A Gas
Ariston Ecocombi 27 MFFI microCONDENS Series GasAriston Clas 28 FF System Gas
Ariston Microgenus II 31 MFFI LPGAriston Genus 30 MFFI Gas

Compare the energy efficiency rating of Ariston boilers here.

Ariston Boiler Prices

As one of the more affordable brands on the market, the price of an Ariston boiler tends to fall between £550 – £900. This does not include the cost of installation which will vary from installer to installer.

To get the best deal on installation it’s important to compare prices from more than one supplier. You can also compare any aftercare on offer and ask to see customer recommendations to be sure you’re getting a high quality service.

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Ariston Guarantee

Ariston offer a wide range of guarantees from 2 years up to 12 years on their latest models. As is the case with many manufacturers, they often offer a free standard guarantee which can be extended at extra cost.

Why Choose Ariston Boilers?

Although one of the lower cost brands on the market, Ariston offer a long history of ‘Global expertise, Italian warmth’ in heating solutions. Each product in their range has a range of features which enable simple installation and easy maintenance. They’ve also invested significantly in energy efficiency measures such as heating controls and renewable energy.

For new boiler installations visit Boiler Guide to request quotes from independent local and regional heating engineers.

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