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ATAG Boilers – Benefits, Costs & Guarantees

atag logoATAG is a Deutsch designer and manufacturer of high quality heating solutions. With over 70 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise the company claims to produce “the most energy efficient boilers in Europe” with “the lowest NOx emissions”. Every ATAG boiler includes their iCon heat exchanger which is made from high grade stainless steel and “maintains 98% of its original efficiency levels throughout its lifetime”.

ATAG Product Range

  • Combi, System & Regular Boilers
  • Heating Controls
  • Hot Water Tanks

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Popular Combi Boilers

ATAG Combi boilers are ideal for small to medium sized homes. Combi boilers are all-in-one compact units which produce hot water on demand for both central heating and domestic use. ATAG offer two types of Combi boiler including their popular iC Combi which delivers high efficiency in a variety of outputs. More recently they have released the iC Economiser model which includes their patented Economiser. The ATAG Economiser delivers even greater water heating energy efficiency by recycling energy which would otherwise be lost through flue gases.

Model iC Economiser iC Combi
Available Outputs (kW) 700 x 440 x 355 700 x 440 x 355
Dimensions (mm) 700 x 400 x 300 700 x 400 x 300
Standard Warranty 10 years 10 years
Flow rate l/min 12.6 – 17 10.1 – 16.2
Space Heating Energy Efficiency Rating A (94%) A (94%)
Water Heating Energy Efficiency Rating A (96%) A (83%)
LPG Conversion Kit Available? Yes Yes
Solar Compatible? No No

Popular System Boilers

For homes with a high demand for heating and hot water an ATAG System boiler is a great choice. When installed with one of the ATAG iSteel water tanks it can produce hot water for heating and taps at very high efficiency. The ATAG iS System boiler is available in a range of sizes to suit every home.

Model Atag iS System
Available Outputs (kW) 15, 18, 24, 32, 40
Dimensions (mm) 700 x 440 x 355
Standard Warranty 10 years
Energy Rating A (94%)
LPG Conversion Kit Available? Yes
Solar Compatible? Yes

Popular Regular Boilers

If you have an older, traditional heating system in place an ATAG Regular boiler may be the ideal replacement. Your heating system will need to include a feed and expansion tank in the attic as well as a hot water cylinder such as the iSteel tank. ATAG boilers deliver incredibly high efficiency and are compatible with solar thermal technology for even greater energy savings.

Model Atag iR Regular
Available Outputs (kW) 15, 18, 24, 32, 40
Dimensions (mm) 700 x 440 x 355
Standard Warranty 10 years
Energy Rating A (94%)
LPG Conversion Kit Available? Yes
Solar Compatible? Yes

Popular Discontinued Boilers

Below you can find more information about some of ATAG’s most popular discontinued models (ideal if you want to compare your current boiler to their new offerings).

Atag Q60S Gas ATAG A325EC Gas
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 60 Gas Atag Q38S Gas
ATAG A325EC X Gas Atag Q51S Gas
Atag E32C Gas Atag XL70 Gas
Atag Q51C Gas Atag Q25S Gas
Atag E32S Gas ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 35T Gas
ATAG Premier E-SHR 24 Gas ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 51 Gas
Atag Q38C Gas ATAG A200S Gas
ATAG Premier E-SHR 35 Gas ATAG Premier E-SHR 24T Gas
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 24T Gas Atag E22S Gas
Atag A320S X Gas

Heating Controls

ATAG offer a range of heating controls to give you even more control over your heating and energy usage.

  • ATAG One Controller: smart thermostat controlled remotely using the ATAG One App
  • 7 days single channel digital wireless programmer and room thermostat
  • 7 day two channel plug-in digital programmer
  • 24 hour single channel mechanical programmer and room thermostat
  • 24 hour single channel plug-in mechanical programmer

Check the energy efficiency rating of ATAG boilers here.

ATAG Boiler Prices

To get the best deal on a new ATAG boiler you’ll need to contact professional installers in your area and compare a few different quotes. By comparing prices you can get an accurate view of the market and choose the best deal for your budget.

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ATAG offer one of the longest standard warranties on the market with 10 years included at no extra cost across their products. The warranty includes all parts and labour. In addition, all boilers are powered by their unique iCon heat exchanger which comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. They also offer an aftercare warranty helpline which is open 24/7 for even more peace of mind.

Why Choose ATAG Boilers?

ATAG boilers are highly recommended by both installers and homeowners. The standard 10 year warranty is testament to the quality of their technology and their commitment to excellence. They offer a wide range of heating controls to suit every home including the ATAG One Wi-Fi thermostat and app so you can bring your home into the modern world.

For new boiler installations visit Boiler Guide to request quotes from independent local and regional heating engineers.

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