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What is Gas Appliance Cover?

The Government recommend that all gas appliances should have a safety check annually by a Gas Safe registered inspector. Choosing a heating cover plan that includes maintenance checks on your gas appliances can save you money on having separate inspections carried out.

Figures show that around 30 people are killed each year from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning and a much larger number take ill after inhalation of the gas. Annual safety checks are therefore extremely important especially if you have a gas appliance in a room which has double glazing, draught proofing, extraction or ceiling fans, or in a conservatory.

Always adhere to the following safety guidelines when using a gas appliance.

  • Never attempt to use a gas appliance which is not working correctly. Signs which can indicate this include pilot lights going out often, soot or staining around the appliance and yellow or orange flames (an exception to this is fuel effect fires which have this colour flame.)
  • Never cover or block flues.
  • Never obstruct or block ventilation grilles or air bricks.
  • Never cover a gas appliance or block the air vents.


Those over 60 and those who are registered disabled may be eligible for a free gas safety check once a year. Contact your gas supplier for further details.

When choosing a cover plan to include gas appliances, opt for one which includes the following.

  • A telephone helpline number available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Fully qualified engineers.
  • Unlimited call outs each year.
  • Parts and labour included in the cost.

There are many boiler and central heating cover plans available which include gas appliances. For help in choosing the one which is correct for you, visit one of the many price comparison sites on the internet.

Gas Appliance Cover Suppliers

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