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Hive Active Heating 2 is launched in the UK

The Hive 2 programmable thermostat has hit the UK market and brings with it a sleek new design and additional features. The new thermostat itself will include options to boost heating, can be set to a holiday mode and will have a user friendly LED interface. The app used to control the system will also see updates, which will be available to current Hive customers as well as new ones.

Hive’s new look

One of the biggest debates around smart thermostats is how they look, with many homeowners wanting a sleek and hi-tech design. Hive 2 brings that in its mirror like finish which features an LED display that flashes to life when required by the user.

The thermostat can also be personalised with a series of frames in a range of popular Dulux colours at an additional cost. This new look was created by Swiss designer Yves Behar who is known for his work on other popular technology products including Jawbone and Sodastream.

Updates to features and modes

The new Hive doesn’t just look different, it also makes it easier to interact with the system directly via the thermostat interface rather than the app. There is a new heating boost mode which allows you to extend your heating outside of your regular schedule. A holiday mode has also been included, meaning you can tell Hive when you are going away so it can adjust the heating to sleep accordingly and heat your home ready for your return.

Multi-zone control arriving later in 2015

Alongside these new modes, Hive will have a multi-zone control option set to arrive later in 2015. This will allow users of both the original and new Hive to control up to 3 existing plumbed heating zones – each new zone will require an additional Hive thermostat and receiver.

Upgrades to the Hive app

The app has also been upgraded and gives users better control and flexibility when it comes to scheduling your heating. The updated app will also be available to customers with the original Hive system and will provide access to the new scheduling features.

Smart home devices for the Hive system

Other products have also been announced alongside the new Hive 2 thermostat. This includes smart plugs, motion sensors and light bulbs. These are designed to work as a part of the Hive system and will be controllable via the app. There is currently no pricing or release dates for these additional devices. The Hive 2 thermostat is priced at £249 but current Hive users can upgrade for £99 for a limited time.

For more information on smart homes and heating, visit our guide to The Top 11 Smart Thermostats.

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