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Vokera Boilers – Prices, Guarantee & Controls

vokera logoVokera is a heating solution manufacturer supplying homes across the UK and Ireland. Established 30 years ago they have sold over 1.5 million products and continue to build a reputation for reliability and high quality while maintaining ease of use for the homeowner. The brand is owned by global parent company, Riello Group.

Vokera Product Range

  • Combi, System and Regular Gas Boilers
  • Light commercial gas boilers
  • Unvented cylinders
  • Water heaters
  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Air source heat pumps

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Popular Vokera Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are a popular choice throughout the UK as they produce hot water on demand for both your heating and taps. They take their water supply directly from the mains which usually results in a stronger pressure and removes the need for a header tank in the loft.

Evolve C Unica i Compact A
Available Outputs (kW) 24, 28, 32, 36, 42 28, 32, 36 25, 29
Dimensions (mm) 740 x 420 x 275 / 350 780 x 400 x 358 / 384 715 x 405 x 248
ErP Rating (Central Heating Efficiency) A (94%) A (93-94%) A
Water Heating Efficiency (SEDBUK 2009) 77% 84 – 85% 84 – 85%
Flow Rate (l/min) 10.7 – 17.2 11.5 – 14.7 10.2 – 11.9
Standard Warranty 7 years 7 years 5 years
LPG Compatible? Yes No No

Popular Vokera System Boilers

System boilers are great choice for homes with a high demand for hot water as they are installed alongside a hot water storage cylinder, maximising the volume of hot water your home can use at one time. Vokera offer a wide range of System boilers to suit every type of home.

Evolve S Mynute i Vision S
Available Outputs (kW) 18, 24, 30, 35 20, 30 20, 25
Dimensions (mm) 740 x 420 x 275 / 350 780 x 400 x 338 / 388 715 x 405 x 248
ErP Rating (Central Heating Efficiency) A (94%) A (93%) A
Standard Warranty 7 years 5 years 7 years
LPG Compatible? Yes No No

Explore the energy efficiency rating of Vokera boilers here.

Vokera Regular Boilers

A Regular boiler from Vokera is a great choice for homes with older heating systems in place and a high demand for hot water. They need both a hot water cylinder and a feed and expansion tank to operate. The Mynute VHE is available in two sizes. Both includes top and bottom pipe connections for flexible installation and the 15V model also enables rear flueing.

Mynute VHE
Available Outputs (kW) 15, 20
Dimensions (mm) 15: 640 x 340 x 340 20: 740 x 400 x 340
ErP Rating (Central Heating Efficiency) A (91-93%)
Standard Warranty 5 years
LPG Compatible? No

Popular Discontinued Boilers

Below you can find more information about some of Vokera’s most popular discontinued models (ideal if you want to compare your current boiler to their new offerings).

Vokera Linea 24 Gas Vokera Linea 28 Gas
Vokera Compact 24 Gas Vokera Compact 28 Gas
Claudio GR (Vokera) Excell 80SP Gas Vokera Linea 730 Gas
Vokera Excell 80E Gas Vokera Linea 735 Gas
Vokera Linea 726 Gas Vokera Syntesi 29e Gas
Vokera Excell 96E Gas Vokera Option 24 Gas
Vokera Syntesi 25e Gas Vokera Meteor V90 Gas
Vokera Syntesi 35 Gas Vokera Synergy 29e Gas
Vokera Hydra Hydra 26 Gas Vokera Linea Linea 24 LPG
Vokera Eclipse ESC Gas Vokera Linea Plus AG Gas
Vokera Linea 32HE Gas Vokera Linea 36HE Gas
Vokera Synergy 25e Gas Vokera Linea 28 e Gas
Vokera Eclipse ESS Gas Vokera Unica HE Gas
Vokera Linea HE 30HE Gas Vokera Linea 28HE Gas
Vokera Syntesi 25 Gas Vokera Unica I32 Gas

Vokera Heating Controls

  • 711 OpenTherm RF programmable room thermostat
  • Outside weather compensation sensor
  • 7 day RF programmable room thermostat
  • RF room thermostat control
  • BeSMART Thermostat

Vokera has developed its own smart thermostat: the BeSMART. This system uses an internet connection to enable you to control your heating from anywhere via a smart device. Key features include:

  • Up to 8 different heating zones
  • Weather compensation
  • 3 programmable comfort levels
  • Automated alerts to the customer and the Vokèra Service Centre if something goes wrong

Vokera Boiler Prices

Vokera boilers sit at the more affordable end of market with most of the range falling between £500 – £1,000 with some of the more powerful models costing up to £2,000.

Comparing quotes is the best way to find a competitive price for a new boiler; we recommend finding at least 2 or 3 to be sure you’re getting an accurate representation of the market.

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Vokera Guarantee

Vokera offer a minimum warranty of 2 years but many of their models include 5 or even 7 years as standard. In the case of the Evolve Combi (24C and 28C) and System (18S and 24S), the warranty can be extended to 10 years when installed alongside the BeSMART thermostat system.

Why Choose Vokera Boilers?

Vokera boilers are a great choice for homeowners on a budget, particularly if you opt for a model with a 5 or 7 year guarantee. In addition, the efficiency of their boilers is on a par with the highest on the market and they offer a wide range of boilers to suit every size of home.

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