Vokera Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Vokera's range of boilers and heating appliances are warming more than half a million homes across the UK and Ireland. As a company, Vokera is always looking to the future and their trusted boilers are a leader in increased energy efficiency.

Their gas-fired Combi and System boilers have picked up a reputation for being affordable, reliable and highly efficient, with their Combi boilers being recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Vokera Compact 24Non-CondensingGas80.3%
Vokera Compact 24 LPGNon-CondensingLPG82.2%
Vokera Compact 25CondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Compact 25ACondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Compact 25HECondensingGas86.0%
Vokera Compact 28Non-CondensingGas80.3%
Vokera Compact 28 LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.8%
Vokera Compact 29CondensingGas88.9%
Vokera Compact 29ACondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Compact 29HECondensingGas86.2%
Vokera Compact 35 HECondensingGas85.8%
Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 25CCondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 29CCondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Eclipse ESCCondensingGas85.5%
Vokera Eclipse ESC 226CondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Eclipse ESSCondensingGas85.6%
Vokera Eclipse ESS 216CondensingGas88.9%
Vokera Eclipse ESS 226CondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Excel 25CondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Excel 29CondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Excell 80ENon-CondensingGas73.0%
Vokera Excell 96ENon-CondensingGas73.0%
Vokera Hydra Hydra 26CondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Hydra Hydra 26 LPGCondensingLPG91.0%
Vokera Linea 24Non-CondensingGas77.5%
Vokera Linea 24 eNon-CondensingGas78.2%
Vokera Linea 28Non-CondensingGas77.6%
Vokera Linea 28 eNon-CondensingGas78.0%
Vokera Linea 28HECondensingGas88.5%
Vokera Linea 32HECondensingGas89.2%
Vokera Linea 36HECondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Linea 726Non-CondensingGas80.3%
Vokera Linea 726 LPGNon-CondensingLPG82.2%
Vokera Linea 730Non-CondensingGas80.3%
Vokera Linea 730 LPGNon-CondensingLPG82.2%
Vokera Linea 735Non-CondensingGas80.3%
Vokera Linea 735 LPGNon-CondensingLPG82.2%
Vokera Linea HE 25HECondensingGas88.5%
Vokera Linea HE 25HE LPGCondensingLPG89.7%
Vokera Linea HE 30HECondensingGas88.7%
Vokera Linea HE 30HE LPGCondensingLPG90.0%
Vokera Linea HE 35HECondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Linea HE 35HE LPGCondensingLPG89.5%
Vokera Linea Linea 24Non-CondensingLPG80.3%
Vokera Linea Linea 28Non-CondensingLPG80.6%
Vokera Linea OneCondensingGas89.2%
Vokera Linea PlusNon-CondensingGas80.1%
Vokera Linea Plus AGNon-CondensingGas80.1%
Vokera LineamaxNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Vokera Maxim 25CondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Maxim 29CondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Meteor S90Non-CondensingGas68.0%
Vokera Meteor V90Non-CondensingGas68.0%
Vokera Mynute 10eNon-CondensingGas77.0%
Vokera Mynute 12 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute 12eNon-CondensingGas79.2%
Vokera Mynute 14eNon-CondensingGas79.1%
Vokera Mynute 15 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute 15VHECondensingGas89.3%
Vokera Mynute 16eNon-CondensingGas79.6%
Vokera Mynute 20 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute 20eNon-CondensingGas78.0%
Vokera Mynute 20VHECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute 24MNon-CondensingGas80.1%
Vokera Mynute 25 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute 25ACondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Mynute 25EHECondensingGas86.1%
Vokera Mynute 28eNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Vokera Mynute 29EHECondensingGas85.9%
Vokera Mynute 30 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute 35 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute 35eNon-CondensingGas80.4%
Vokera Mynute 35e LPGNon-CondensingLPG82.3%
Vokera Mynute HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Mynute i20CondensingGas89.5%
Vokera Mynute i30CondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Mynute Mynute 12e LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Vokera Mynute Mynute 16e LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.2%
Vokera Mynute Mynute 20e LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.3%
Vokera Option 24Non-CondensingGas78.4%
Vokera Pinnacle Pinnacle 16CondensingGas88.9%
Vokera Pinnacle Pinnacle 16 LPGCondensingLPG90.8%
Vokera Pinnacle Pinnacle 26CondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Pinnacle Pinnacle 26 LPGCondensingLPG91.1%
Vokera Synergy 25eCondensingGas88.6%
Vokera Synergy 29CondensingGas86.7%
Vokera Synergy 29 LPGCondensingLPG87.8%
Vokera Synergy 29eCondensingGas89.0%
Vokera Syntesi 25CondensingGas86.6%
Vokera Syntesi 25 LPGCondensingLPG88.9%
Vokera Syntesi 25eCondensingGas88.5%
Vokera Syntesi 29CondensingGas86.6%
Vokera Syntesi 29 LPGCondensingLPG87.7%
Vokera Syntesi 29eCondensingGas88.9%
Vokera Syntesi 35CondensingGas87.0%
Vokera Syntesi 35 LPGCondensingLPG88.5%
Vokera Unica 28 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Unica 32 HECondensingGas88.8%
Vokera Unica 36HECondensingGas88.7%
Vokera Unica HECondensingGas88.7%
Vokera Unica I28CondensingGas89.6%
Vokera Unica I32CondensingGas89.6%
Vokera Unica i36CondensingGas89.2%
Vokera VerveCondensingGas88.9%
Vokera Vibe 20ACondensingGas89.2%
Vokera Vibe 25ACondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Vision 20SCondensingGas89.2%
Vokera Vision 25CCondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Vision 25SCondensingGas89.1%
Vokera Vision 30CCondensingGas89.0%