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Get Smart With AlertMe’s New Smart Heating App

The future of home energy management looks set to get smart with the introduction of a new smart heating application.

AlertMe, the Cambridge-based SmartHome technology company has teamed up with Invensys to develop an application that will enable consumers to remotely control their heating, either by SMS, smartphone or online via the Internet.

Under the Drayton brand, AlertMe and Invensys have provided a means of helping consumers to become more energy efficient and the application is set to revolutionize home heating and the way in which it’s controlled.

The market for home energy management is predicted to take off in a big way over the next 4 to 5 years, and so far Government-funded pilot testing has seen the product achieve favourable results. Know as the ‘killer app’, initial results have indicated that consumers have the potential to save around 23% on their home heating bills. With energy prices at an all-time high, that’s certainly news we can all warm to.

“With current energy price rises of up to 19%, consumers need to be able to take control in order to become more efficient,” explains AlertMe chief executive officer, Mary Turner.

“SmartHeating is the ‘killer app’ for millions of families wanting to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort and convenience,” she added.

The technology works by combining AlertMe’s cloud-based controls platform with Invensy’s Drayton Digistat+3RF’s in-home control, which provides two way communication and online control via the customer’s home broadband connection and the AlertMe SmartHub.

According to AlertMe, its online heating dashboard “allows the user to set up to four time zones and temperatures for each day, automating the heating system to match their normal weekly routine, but also providing the flexibility of remote control to alter or override settings at any time, wherever you are using a computer, smartphone or even SMS.”

Controlling heating in the home is a proven method for reducing energy consumption and cutting energy costs. And turning your thermostat down by just one degree is a simple but effective weapon in the ongoing war against nasty heating bills.

Founded in 2006, AlertMe provides home energy management and SmartHome services, helping users to monitor and control their home energy use.

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