ATAG Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating, Repair & Service

ATAG Boiler Efficiency Page

ATAG have been setting increasingly high energy efficiency standards since they were established almost 70 years ago. Grown to now operate in many countries, their boilers are providing heating and hot water to commercial and domestic settings around the world.

Their i-Series range of boilers, that includes Combi, System and Regualr boilers are incredibly efficient thanks to being fitted with their very own iCon heat exchanger. This component provides great performance and high levels of efficiency by maintaining 98% of its efficiency levels during its lifetime.

Every single one of their boilers comes with a 10 year warranty as standard and will be installed by ATAG Selected Partners.

iC Economiser Plus Combination Boilers

Fitted with ATAG’s patented Economiser, a very innovative component, the iC Economiser Plus boiler have been described as ‘the combi of the future’. The Economiser recycles untapped residual heat in the boiler after hot water has been heated instead of releasing it as waste, as would happen previously.

Thanks to this technology these Combi boilers achieve an ErP A rating and could potentially save you up to £320 on your gas bills every year.

The models available in this range are the iC Economiser Plus 39, iC Economiser Plus 35 and the iC Economiser Plus 27. The numbers at the end of the model names represents the output available, so the 39kW and 35kW models are ideal for large homes with more than one bathroom.

All of these boilers come with a 10 year warranty as standard so you know you’ll be investing in a reliable boiler.

iC Combination Boilers

Whether you live in a small home with one bathroom or a large home with more than one bathroom, there’s a Combi boiler in this range to fit the needs of your home. Available in outputs of 24-40kW with a flow rate of 10.1-16.2 litres per minute, these Combi boilers also run nice and quietly.

Featuring a 10 year warranty, they’re also fitted with the iCon Heat Exchanger that has a lifetime replacement guarantee.

iS System Boilers

To make these System boilers highly efficient and save you money on your bills, they’re fitted with an Erp pump that controls the amount of heat that’s being given out by the boiler. Due to this feature, it’s no surprise that these System boilers have achieved an ErP A rating. You can even increase the efficiency of these boilers further by combining them with an iSteel hot water cylinder.

iR Regular Boilers

Available in outputs ranging from 15-40kW, there’s a boiler in this range that’s capable of meeting the hot water demands for the vast majority of homes. All the models reach an ErP A rating and come with a standard 10 year warranty, making these the perfect choice if you’re looking to replace your current Regular boiler.

How Much Does an ATAG Boiler Cost?

ATAG’s range of Combi, System and Regular boilers can come in at a price of between £700 and £2500. These estimates don’t include the cost of installation which will differ depending on the engineer carrying out the work, and that’s why we recommend getting 3 quotes before picking an engineer to get the best deal for you.

Model Type Fuel Efficiency
ATAG A200S Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG A200S OV Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG A203C Condensing Gas 89.3%
ATAG A320S Condensing Gas 89.5%
ATAG A320S X Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG A325C Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG A325C X Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG A325EC Condensing Gas 89.2%
ATAG A325EC X Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 15 Condensing Gas 89.3%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 24 Condensing Gas 89.3%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 24T Condensing Gas 89.2%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 35 Condensing Gas 89.0%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 35T Condensing Gas 88.9%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 51 Condensing Gas 89.2%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 51 L Condensing Gas 89.0%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 51 TL Condensing Gas 89.0%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 51T Condensing Gas 89.1%
ATAG Blauwe Engel SHR 60 Condensing Gas 89.0%
ATAG E22C Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG E22S Condensing Gas 89.5%
ATAG E32C Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG E32S Condensing Gas 89.5%
ATAG iC Economiser 27 Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG iC Economiser 35 Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG iC Economiser 39 Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG iC24 Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG IC24LPG Condensing LPG 90.7%
ATAG iC28 Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG IC28LPG Condensing LPG 90.7%
ATAG iC36 Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG IC36LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iC40 Condensing Gas 89.7%
ATAG IC40LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iR15 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IR15LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iR18 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IR18LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iR24 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IR24LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iR32 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IR32LPG Condensing LPG 90.9%
ATAG iR40 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IR40LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iS15 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IS15LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iS18 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IS18LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iS24 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IS24LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG iS32 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IS32LPG Condensing LPG 90.9%
ATAG iS40 Condensing Gas 89.8%
ATAG IS40LPG Condensing LPG 90.8%
ATAG Premier E-SHR 24 Condensing Gas 89.0%
ATAG Premier E-SHR 24T Condensing Gas 89.3%
ATAG Premier E-SHR 35 Condensing Gas 89.0%
ATAG Premier E-SHR 35T Condensing Gas 88.9%
ATAG Premier E-SHR15 Condensing Gas 89.3%
ATAG Q25C Condensing Gas 89.3%
ATAG Q25S Condensing Gas 89.6%
ATAG Q25SC Condensing Gas 89.6%
ATAG Q38C Condensing Gas 89.3%
ATAG Q38S Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG Q38SC Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG Q51C Condensing Gas 89.4%
ATAG Q51S Condensing Gas 89.5%
ATAG Q60S Condensing Gas 89.5%
ATAG XL70 Condensing Gas 89.5%