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Archive for September, 2011

Trump Continues To Battle ‘Big, Ugly’ Windfarm Plans

Donald Trump isn’t a man who gives up easily. And the billionaire US property tycoon doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of giving up fighting a proposed offshore windfarm in Scotland. Trump has already voiced his objections in a letter to Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmon, in which he described the wind turbines as […]

Get Smart With AlertMe’s New Smart Heating App

The future of home energy management looks set to get smart with the introduction of a new smart heating application. AlertMe, the Cambridge-based SmartHome technology company has teamed up with Invensys to develop an application that will enable consumers to remotely control their heating, either by SMS, smartphone or online via the Internet. Under the […]

Human Waste to Generate Renewable Electricity

It must be a case of ‘waste not, want not’ for Britain’s largest water and sewerage company, as Thames Water has announced plans to use human waste to generate electricity. It burns like wood-chip, looks just like instant coffee granules and is a highly combustible new renewable form of fuel, and Thames Water has estimated […]

Which? Investigates ‘Too Complicated’ Energy Tariffs

It’s saying something when a qualified accountant struggles to calculate the cost of a domestic energy bill, but that was exactly what happened during the latest Which? investigation. Which? asked members of the public to calculate the cost of a domestic energy bill, taking the information from a range of energy providers’ websites, including British […]

Will Government Policy Fetter Fledgling Solar Industry?

The Government’s decision to press ahead with plans to reduce subsidies for medium to large-scale solar initiatives in the UK has been met with concern by the solar industry. Accused of significantly limiting the country’s solar future, ministers have decided to stick to their guns on a spending issue that caused much controversy when it […]

Government Pledges £35m to Boost Energy Efficiency

The Government has revealed its plans to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy bills with a £35 million package, as it pledges to make buildings across the country more energy efficient. As it stands, around 18% of the country’s carbon emissions comes from commercial buildings, with the residential housing market accounting for 24% of all […]

Npower Empowers Pupils to Go Green and Save Energy

Pupils in West Yorkshire have become the latest recruits to earn their energy saving stripes by taking part in npower’s Climate Cops Academy. Since its launch in 2007, the initiative has reached 38,000 students across the UK, and almost 200 pupils from schools in West Yorkshire have become the last group to participate in the […]

Energy Secretary Wages ‘War’ on Energy Companies

In a rousing speech at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Birmingham this week, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne announced his intention to “get tough” with Britain’s leading energy suppliers. Not long after his Labour counterparts suggested he had been “standing idly by while energy companies raise their prices way above inflation”, Mr Huhne informed fellow […]

Huhne Tells Energy Firms to End “Predatory Pricing”

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is once again threatening to get tough with energy firms, accusing the ‘Big Six’ of “predatory pricing”, something which he says, must stop. At the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham earlier today, Mr Huhne yet again pledged his commitment to help households tackle skyrocketing energy bills by bringing costs down. Promising […]

Search Launched For Families to Test-Drive Eco Homes

The search is underway to find two families to test-drive two eco-homes in Northamptonshire – by living in them for a year, rent free. Packed with carbon and energy saving technology, Velux have built two brand new eco-homes and have launched a campaign to find suitable “tenants” to test-drive them, as part of an initiative […]