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Archive for November, 2011

Scottish Eco-Village Attracts Limited Interest From Buyers

A pioneering eco-village – a housing estate consisting of environmentally friendly properties located in the middle of nowhere – has failed to attract significant interest from private buyers, casting doubt over the commercial viability of greening Britain’s housing stock. The eco-village, which is situated in Balvonie Braes, near Inverness, comprises 52 eco-friendly properties, of which […]

Heating or Eating: Which Would You Choose?

Just the mere thought is bad enough, but more and more people are having to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table. It’s hard to imagine the scenario, isn’t it. After all, we are living in the 21st century. But thanks to high levels of unemployment and shocking fuel costs, more […]

Britons Shower Longer Than Expected

In a surprising victory for hygiene and a regrettable defeat for the environment, a new survey has revealed that Britons spend far longer in the shower than previously thought. Lasting around eight minutes, the average shower is now estimated to use almost the same amount of energy and water as the average bath. The conclusion […]

Reinstating Boiler Scrappage Scheme in England Will Help Cut Fuel Bills

According to the latest Boiler Guide press release, reinstating the Boiler Scrappage Scheme in England will help homeowners cut their fuel bills. Boiler Guide is backing the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) who are calling on the Government to reinstate the boiler scrappage scheme in England, which last year saw more than 118,000 old […]

Take Advantage of the Warm Front Scheme As Winter Approaches

With the winter months fast approaching, energy consumers already struggling to meet the demands of rising gas and electricity costs are facing more worry when it comes to ensuring they stay warm and healthy this winter. But for the most vulnerable members of society – the elderly and low income households – there is help […]

Environmental Report Highlights China’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Situation

According to a new report, China has great potential for green growth but it needs to replace dirty, energy intensive technologies with clean green forms of renewable energy. In the report, which was released this week, China’s Council of International Co-operation on Environment and Development described the country’s environmental situation in terms of green growth […]

Lib Dems’ Ire Over Solar Cuts

Whilst many seasoned political observers have watched on in dismay as the Liberal Democrats allowed their Tory masters free rein to implement austerity measures, it would appear that the recent decision to halve solar subsidies has lit the touchpaper of discontent. In a move that is likely to rock the political fabric of the UK, […]

British Gas Loses 200,000 Customers Following Energy Price Hikes

British Gas has seen its customer base drop by a staggering 200,000 as a backlash of the recent increases in their energy prices, the firm has revealed. Over the summer, energy providers – including all of the “Big Six” – raised household energy bills by an average of 16% for electricity and 18% for gas. […]

Scotland Unveils Plans For an Eco Village

Aberdeenshire is to be home to Scotland’s first sustainable village, and the general public will be able to give their feeback during an open consultation period.   Kincluny Village is aiming to be carbon neutral by providing affordable homes that benefit from renewable energy systems. To ensure the community is self-sufficient, residents will have the […]

50% of Customers Unhappy With Their Energy Supplier

According to a recent survey conducted by uSwitch, 50% of energy consumers are unhappy with their energy supplier. As news goes, it’s hardly a surprising revelation, as more and more people struggle to keep on top of their heating and electricity bills. In a year that has been riddled with soaring fuel bills and more […]