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Archive for December, 2011

Government Braces for Green Deal Failures

The so-called green deal, a scheme established by the UK Government to improve energy efficiency in homes throughout the country, is destined for failure according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). Intended to improve the energy efficiency of 14 million homes in England and Wales, the green deal represents the means by which the […]

Solar Subsidies Cut Faces Judicial Review

In a move that affords Friends of the Earth and two renewable energy companies the opportunity to go head-to-head with the Government, the High Court has granted leave for a judicial review of the Coalition’s decision to halve solar subsidies. This week, the organisations will be able to argue in court that the ministerial decision […]

Tenants Have Highest Fuel Bills Says Citizens Advice

People who live in rented accommodation are more likely to be trapped by high energy bills, compared to home owners reports the Citizens Advice.  Thanks to negligent landlords failing to energy proof their rented  properties by implementing energy efficient home improvements, more and more tenants are living in homes that hemorrhage heat, leading to higher […]

Going Green Won’t Cause Astronomical Rise in Energy Bills

Fears continue to surround the link between green energy measures and an ‘astronomical’ rise in household energy bills. However, according to a new report from the Government’s climate advisers, renewable energy will not be responsible for adding the huge amounts people seem to think. In a report out today, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has revealed […]

Report Questions Government’s Reliance on Renewables

At roughly the same time as Prime Minister David Cameron vetoed an EU initiative to control the finance sectors of EC member states, a report published by Adam Smith Institute and Scientific Alliance has questioned the British Government’s reliance on renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar. That the UK Government relies so […]

Prestigious Golf Club Gets Energy Efficiency Makeover

To help cut escalating fuel bills, a prestigious golf club has undergone an energy efficiency overhaul, including the installation of a solar photovoltaic panel system. While most golf clubs are heavily steeped in tradition, Coventry Golf Club has managed to combine old fashioned values with a very modern approach to energy efficiency, which has seen […]

Energy Firms Face Rising Number of Complaints from ‘Medieval Serfs’

According to watchdog Consumer Focus, the leading energy firms in the UK – often referred to as the ‘Big Six’ – have experienced a 26 per cent rise in customer complaints during the last quarter. E.ON, EDF Energy and nPower were the subject of especially strong criticism after enduring a particularly poor period in the […]

Obama and Clinton Launch $4bn Energy Efficiency Drive

An energy efficiency programme has been launched in the US, which aims to achieve a 20% improvement in the efficiency of its buildings by 2020.  Launched by President Barack Obama and former US President Bill Clinton, the Government will be investing $2 billion (£1.3 billion) into retrofitting federal Government and commercial office buildings. More than sixty […]

£30m Extra Funding to Grow Energy Efficiency Schemes

Local community green schemes have been given an extra boost today, with the Government’s announcement that an extra £10 million of funding will be made available to boost energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.  The Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) scheme – which will be administered by the Energy Saving Trust – will give local […]

Green Makeover Needed Every Minute to Meet Climate Targets

A new report has highlighted the enormous task the UK faces, if the country stands any chance of meeting its carbon emissions reduction targets through a massive ‘get Britain retrofit’ scheme.  From now until 2050, one green makeover will need to be given every minute, otherwise the country will fail to meet its targets, reveals […]