Mistral Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Mistral have been manufacturing oil boilers in the heart of Shropshire for over 40 years, continuing to increase the efficiency and reducing the emissions of their units.

Their range of Combi and System oil boilers come as condensing and non-condensing models, in a range of outputs (20kW - 70kW) which increases the chances of you finding the perfect boiler for the heating and hot water demands of your home.

Mistral BH 1 50/70Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral BH 2 70/90Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral BH 50/90 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral BH 90/150 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral BH1-5070 Boiler HouseNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral BH2-7090 Boiler HouseNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral BH3 90/120Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral BH3-9012 Boiler HouseNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral BH4 120/150Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral BH4-1215 Boiler HouseNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral C 50/90 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral C 50/90 Standard ContractNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral C 90/150 ContractNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral C 90/150 Plus ContractNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral C1 50/70 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral C1 50/70 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral C1-5070 CombiNon-CondensingOil80.6%
Mistral C2 70/90 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral C2 70/90 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral C2-7090 CombiNon-CondensingOil80.6%
Mistral C3 90/120 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral C3 90/120 StandardNon-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral C3-9012 Mega CombiNon-CondensingOil82.1%
Mistral C4 120/150 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral C4 120/150 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral C4-1215 Mega CombiNon-CondensingOil82.1%
Mistral CBH – 5070 Boiler HouseCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CBH – 7090 Boiler HouseCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CBH 15/26 ContractCondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CBH 26/40 ContractCondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CBH1 15/20CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CBH2 20/26CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CBH3 – 9012 Boiler HouseCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CBH3 26/35CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CBH4 – 1215 Boiler HouseCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CBH4 35/40CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CC 15/26 Plus ContractCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CC 15/26 Std ContractCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CC 26/40 plus contractCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CC 26/40 Std ContractCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CC1 – 5070 Condensing CombiCondensingOil89.0%
Mistral CC1 15/20 PlusCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CC1 15/20 StdCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CC2 – 7090 Condensing CombiCondensingOil89.0%
Mistral CC2 20/26 PlusCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CC2 20/26 StdCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CC3 – 9012 CombiCondensingOil88.3%
Mistral CC3 26/35 plusCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CC3 26/35 StdCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CC4 – 1215 CombiCondensingOil88.3%
Mistral CC4 35/40 plusCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CC4 35/40 StdCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CK 3 – 9012 KitchenCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CK1 – 5070 KitchenCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CK2 – 7090 KitchenCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CK4 – 1215 KitchenCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CKUT 15/26 ContractCondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CKUT 26/40 ContractCondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CKUT 3 – 9012 Kitchen UtilityCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CKUT1 – 5070 Kitchen UtilityCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CKUT1 15/20CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CKUT2 – 7090 Kitchen UtilityCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CKUT2 20/26CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CKUT3 26/35CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CKUT4 – 1215 Kitchen UtilityCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CKUT4 35/40CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral COD – 5070 Outdoor ModelCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral COD – 7090 Outdoor ModelCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral COD – C – 5070 Outdoor CombiCondensingOil89.0%
Mistral COD – C – 7090 Outdoor CombiCondensingOil89.0%
Mistral COD – SS – 5070 Outdoor Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral COD – SS – 7090 Outdoor Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral COD 15/26 ContractCondensingOil90.8%
Mistral COD 26/40 ContractCondensingOil90.9%
Mistral COD SS 15/26 ContractCondensingOil90.8%
Mistral COD1 15/20CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral COD1 SS 15/20CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral COD2 20/26CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral COD2 SS 20/26CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral COD3 – 9012 OutdoorCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral COD3 – C – 9012 Outdoor CombiCondensingOil88.3%
Mistral COD3 – SS – 9012 Outdoor Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral COD3 26/35CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral COD4 – 1215 OutdoorCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral COD4 – C – 1215 Outdoor CombiCondensingOil88.3%
Mistral COD4 – SS – 1215 Outdoor Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral COD4 35/40CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CODC 15/26 Plus ContractCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CODC 15/26 Std ContractCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CODC 26/40 plus contractCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CODC 26/40 Std ContractCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CODC1 15/20 PlusCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CODC2 20/26 PlusCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CODC2 20/26 StdCondensingOil89.1%
Mistral CODC3 26/35 plusCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CODC3 26/35 StdCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CODC4 35/40 plusCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CODC4 35/40 StdCondensingOil89.2%
Mistral CODSS 26/40 ContractCondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CODSS 3 26/35CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CODSS 4 35/40CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CS 15/26 ContractCondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CS 26/40 ContractCondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CS1 – 5070 Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CS1 15/20CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CS2 – 7090 Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.7%
Mistral CS2 20/26CondensingOil90.8%
Mistral CS3 – 9012 Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CS3 26/35CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral CS4 – 1215 Sealed SystemCondensingOil90.0%
Mistral CS4 35/40CondensingOil90.9%
Mistral DKUT 17/33Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral K1-5070 KitchenNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral K2-7090 KitchenNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral K3-9012 KitchenNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral K4-1215 KitchenNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral KUT 1 50/70Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral KUT 2 70/90Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral KUT 50/90 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral KUT 90/150 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral KUT1 5070 Kitchen UtilityNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral KUT2-7090 Kitchen UtilityNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral KUT3 90/120Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral KUT3-9012 Kitchen UtilityNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral KUT4 120/150Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral KUT4-1215 Kitchen UtilityNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CBH 1 15/20CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CBH 2 20/27CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CBH 3 27/35CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CBH 4 35/42CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC1 15/20CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC1 Plus 15/20CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC2 20/27CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC2 Plus 20/27CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC3 27/35CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC3 Plus 27/35CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC4 35/42CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CC4 Plus 35/42CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CKUT 1 15/20CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CKUT 2 20/27CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CKUT 3 27/35CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CKUT 4 35/42CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF COD1 15/20CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF COD2 20/27CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF COD3 27/35CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF COD4 35/42CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC1 15/20CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC1 Plus 15/20CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC2 20/27CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC2 Plus 20/27CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC3 27/35CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC3 Plus 27/35CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC4 35/42CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODC4 Plus 35/42CondensingOil89.9%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODSS1 15/20CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODSS2 20/27CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODSS3 27/35CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CODSS4 35/42CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CS1 15/20CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CS2 20/27CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CS3 27/35CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral Lo-Nox BF CS4 35/42CondensingOil91.6%
Mistral OD 1 50/70Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral OD 2 70/90Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral OD 50/90Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral OD 90/150 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral OD C1 50/70 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral OD SS 50/90 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral OD SS 90/150 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral OD-C1-5070 Outdoor CombiNon-CondensingOil80.6%
Mistral OD-C2-7090 Outdoor CombiNon-CondensingOil80.6%
Mistral OD1 SS 50/70Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral OD1-5070 OutdoorNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral OD1-SS-5070 Outdoor Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral OD2 SS 70/90Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral OD2-7090 OutdoorNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral OD2-SS-7090 Outdoor Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral OD3 90/120Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral OD3 SS 90/120Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral OD3-9012 Outdoor ModelNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral OD3-C-9012 Outdoor Mega CombiNon-CondensingOil82.1%
Mistral OD3-SS-9012 Outdoor Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral OD4 – 1215 Outdoor ModelNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral OD4 120/150Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral OD4 SS 120/150Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral OD4-C-1215 Outdoor Mega CombiNon-CondensingOil82.1%
Mistral OD4-SS-1215 Outdoor Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral ODC 3 90/120 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral ODC 50/90 Plus ContractNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral ODC 50/90 Standard ContractNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral ODC 90/150 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral ODC 90/150 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral ODC1 50/70 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral ODC2 70/90 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral ODC2 70/90 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.9%
Mistral ODC3 90/120 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral ODC4 120/150 PlusNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral ODC4 120/150 StandardNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral S1 50/70Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral S1-5070 Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral S2 70/90Non-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral S2-7090 Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil82.3%
Mistral S3 90/120Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral S3-9012 Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral S4 120/150Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Mistral S4-1215 Sealed SystemNon-CondensingOil83.8%
Mistral SS 50/90 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.6%
Mistral SS 90/150 ContractNon-CondensingOil85.5%