Firebird Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Firebird - Boiler Efficiency Rating

Since being established in Ireland in 1980, Firebird have been working hard to be more energy efficient than ever before. By putting all their products under rigorous testing, Firebird have the confidence to promise that they’ll not only heat your home and hot water, but stand the test of time too.

What are the Main Boiler Ranges Available from Firebird?

Firebird offer a range of Combi, System and Regular boilers that can be fitted internally or externally should space be limited.

Internal Combi Boilers

Firebird offer a range of Combi boilers that provides hot water and heating in a single unit making them the perfect fit for smaller homes. Available in standard sizes that are capable of fitting into many homes, there are also slimline models incase space really is limited.

The efficiency rating exceeds 90% on all of Firebird’s Combi boilers and they’re available in outputs of 20-35kw. The higher the output the better the hot water performance, which can be as much as 20 litres per minute on the 35kW models. The range includes: