Boiler Efficiency Ratings

Compare new boilers and assess whether your current boiler would be better off being replaced

Our boiler efficiency tables provided by SEDBUK (the seasonal efficiency of domestic boilers in the UK) provide a guide of how effective your boiler is at turning fuel into heat.

You can check your boilers rating by selecting it’s make and model below. Ratings are based on the SEDBUK Rating which is an indicator of its efficiency when used within an average domestic household, it’s a great benchmark for comparing new boilers and also assessing whether your current boiler would be better off being replaced due to low efficiencies.

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Halstead Boilers

Halstead 30/90Combi 30/90combiNon-CondensingGas70%
Halstead 40h Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead 50h Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Ace Non-CondensingGas76.2%
Halstead Ace HE 24CondensingGas90.1%
Halstead Ace HE 30CondensingGas90.1%
Halstead Ace aclNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Halstead Ace HE35 CondensingGas90.6%
Halstead Ace High Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Halstead Balmoral 45fNon-CondensingGas72%
Halstead Balmoral 65fNon-CondensingGas72%
Halstead Best 50Non-CondensingGas76.4%
Halstead Best 80Non-CondensingGas76.2%
Halstead Best 30Non-CondensingGas75.9%
Halstead Best 60Non-CondensingGas75.6%
Halstead Best 40Non-CondensingGas75.6%
Halstead Best 40Non-CondensingLPG77.4%
Halstead Best 60Non-CondensingLPG76.8%
Halstead Best 30 db Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Halstead Best 40 db Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Halstead Best 40 P Non-CondensingLPG80.4%
Halstead Best 50 db Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Halstead Best 60 db Non-CondensingGas79.2%
Halstead Best 60 P Non-CondensingLPG81.0%
Halstead Best 70 db Non-CondensingGas78.5%
Halstead Blenheim 30/40Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Blenheim 40Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Blenheim 40/50Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Blenheim 50Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Blenheim 50/60Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Blenheim 60/75Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Blenheim 15/30Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II BF60Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II BF70Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II BF80Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II BF100Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II CF40Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II CF50Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II CF100Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II BF40Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II CF80Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II CF60Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II CF70Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Buckingham II BF50Non-CondensingGas65%
Halstead Club HE 18 CondensingGas90.2%
Halstead Eden cb CondensingGas90.3%
Halstead Eden CBX 24 CondensingGas90.2%
Halstead Eden CBX 24 CondensingLPG92.2%
Halstead Eden CBX 32 CondensingGas90.8%
Halstead Eden CBX 32 CondensingLPG92.2%
Halstead Eden CBX 38 CondensingGas90.3%
Halstead Eden CBX 38 CondensingLPG91.4%
Halstead Eden sb CondensingGas90.6%
Halstead Eden SBX 30 CondensingGas90.4%
Halstead Eden SBX 30 CondensingLPG92.4%
Halstead Eden vb CondensingGas90.6%
Halstead Eden VBX 18 CondensingGas90.3%
Halstead Eden VBX 18 CondensingLPG92.3%
Halstead Eden VBX 30 CondensingGas90.4%
Halstead Eden VBX 30 CondensingLPG92.4%
Halstead Finest Non-CondensingGas77.3%
Halstead Finest Non-CondensingLPG77.6%
Halstead Finest fxNon-CondensingGas79.3%
Halstead Finest fpxNon-CondensingLPG81.1%
Halstead Finest Gold Non-CondensingGas77.3%
Halstead Finest Gold fgxNon-CondensingGas79.3%
Halstead Finest Platinum Non-CondensingGas78.7%
Halstead Finest Platinum Non-CondensingLPG80.5%
Halstead Hero 30 Non-CondensingGas79.2%
Halstead Hero 40 Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Halstead Hero 40 Non-CondensingLPG80.4%
Halstead Hero 50 Non-CondensingGas78.5%
Halstead Hero 60 Non-CondensingGas79.1%
Halstead Hero 60 Non-CondensingLPG80.9%
Halstead Hero 75 Non-CondensingGas78.4%
Halstead Hero 90 Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Halstead iheat 20CondensingGas90.5%
Halstead iheat 25sCondensingGas90.4%
Halstead iheat 25cCondensingGas90.3%
Halstead iheat 30cCondensingGas90.2%
Halstead iheat 35cCondensingGas90.1%
Halstead Iheat 24cCondensingGas86.9%
Halstead Iheat 29cCondensingGas86.7%
Halstead Pulsejet 20 CondensingGas90.2%
Halstead Pulsejet 20 CondensingLPG91.8%
Halstead Pulsejet 32 CondensingGas90.1%
Halstead Pulsejet 32 CondensingLPG91.6%
Halstead Pulsejet 40 CondensingGas90.1%
Halstead Pulsejet 40 CondensingLPG91.7%
Halstead Quattro QuattroNon-CondensingGas70%
Halstead Triocombi triocombiNon-CondensingGas70%
Halstead Wickes 90Non-CondensingGas77.3%
Halstead Wickes LW 60 ciNon-CondensingGas79.2%
Halstead Wickes LW 40 ciNon-CondensingGas78.6%
Halstead Wickes LW 50 ciNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Halstead Wickes Combi 102Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Halstead Wickes Combi 82Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Halstead Wickes Ace Non-CondensingGas76.2%
Halstead Wickes Combi HE 24 CondensingGas90.2%
Halstead Wickes LW 50CiNon-CondensingGas76.3%
Halstead Wickes LW 60CiNon-CondensingGas75.6%
Halstead Wickes LW 40CiNon-CondensingGas75.3%