Main Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Main - Boiler Efficiency Rating

Manufacturing domestic gas appliances for over 75 years has seen Main build a reputation for quality, reliability and highly efficient boilers. They proudly design their boilers with simplicity in mind so you won’t have to worry too much about the installation or the daily running of the unit.

Main Combi Eco Elite

Specifically designed to meet the high efficiency demands of homeowners, this range of Combi boilers come with an ErP A rating, low NOx emissions and boast an endorsement from the Energy Saving Trust.

The Combi boilers in this range come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty but this can be extended to 5 years subject to Main’s terms and conditions.

Main System Eco Elite

This range has been developed from previous Main boilers with the aim of meeting the heating and hot water requirements of many different sized homes. Designed for optimal efficiency, the System boilers in this range come endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust thanks to their low NOx emissions and ErP A rating.

The Main System Eco Elite boilers are available with a 3 year warranty that covers parts and labour.

How Much Does a Main Boiler Cost?

Main boilers are competitively priced, with the Combi boilers priced at £590 to £700 and their System boilers between £600 and £700. This price doesn’t include the cost of installation which will be different depending on the engineer that carries out the work for you.

Main 12 HECondensingGas85.8%
Main 12 HE ACondensingGas88.7%
Main 12 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Main 15 HECondensingGas85.6%
Main 15 HE ACondensingGas89.0%
Main 15 Heat ErPCondensingGas89.4%
Main 18 HECondensingGas85.6%
Main 18 HE ACondensingGas88.7%
Main 18 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Main 24 HECondensingGas85.6%
Main 24 HE ACondensingGas88.8%
Main 24 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.8%
Main 30 HE ACondensingGas88.8%
Main 30 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.8%
Main 9 HECondensingGas85.6%
Main Combi 24Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Main Combi 24 HECondensingGas86.4%
Main Combi 25 EcoCondensingGas89.0%
Main Combi 30 EcoCondensingGas88.7%
Main Combi 30 HECondensingGas86.4%
Main Combi Eco Classic 24CondensingGas89.0%
Main Combi Eco Classic 30CondensingGas88.7%
Main Combi Eco Elite 25CondensingGas89.0%
Main Combi Eco Elite 30CondensingGas88.7%
Main Eco Elite 24 System ErPCondensingGas89.1%
Main Eco Elite 25 Combi ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Main Eco Elite 28 System ErPCondensingGas88.8%
Main Eco Elite 30 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Main System 18 HECondensingGas86.7%
Main System 24 EcoCondensingGas89.1%
Main System 24 HECondensingGas86.5%
Main System 28 EcoCondensingGas88.8%
Main System 28 HECondensingGas86.4%
Main System Eco Elite 24CondensingGas89.1%
Main System Eco Elite 28CondensingGas88.8%