Ravenheat Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Founded in 1987, Ravenheat are a relatively new boiler manufacturer but that hasn't prevented them from becoming a leading industry name in the UK. Their range of gas-fired Combi, Regular and System boilers boast affordability, reliability and high efficiency.

Ravenheat strive for their boilers to be as efficient as possible, launching their first condensing boilers in 1996, before the legislation making them compulsory came into law.

Ravenheat Combiplus 32 (T) LPGCondensingLPG90.4%
Ravenheat Combiplus 32 (T) Natural GasCondensingGas89.4%
Ravenheat Combiplus 32 LPGCondensingLPG90.4%
Ravenheat Combiplus 32 Natural GasCondensingGas89.4%
Ravenheat Combistore 32 (T) LPGCondensingLPG90.4%
Ravenheat Combistore 32 (T) Natural GasCondensingGas89.4%
Ravenheat Combistore 32 LPGCondensingLPG90.4%
Ravenheat Combistore 32 Natural GasCondensingGas89.4%
Ravenheat CS 80(T) Natural GasCondensingGas88.5%
Ravenheat CS 90 (T) Natural GasCondensingGas88.7%
Ravenheat CSI 120 Low Nox Natural GasCondensingGas89.4%
Ravenheat CSI 120T Low Nox Timeclock Natural GasCondensingGas89.4%
Ravenheat CSI 150 System T Low NoxCondensingGas89.0%
Ravenheat CSI 150 T Low NoxCondensingGas88.9%
Ravenheat CSI 85CondensingGas86.9%
Ravenheat CSI 85 ACondensingGas90.0%
Ravenheat CSI 85 A TCondensingGas90.0%
Ravenheat CSI 85 AAACondensingLPG89.2%
Ravenheat CSI 85 AAATCondensingLPG89.2%
Ravenheat CSI 85 LPGCondensingLPG88.9%
Ravenheat CSI 85TCondensingGas86.9%
Ravenheat CSI 85T LPGCondensingLPG88.9%
Ravenheat CSI PrimaryCondensingGas86.5%
Ravenheat CSI Primary 150 Low NoxCondensingLPG90.0%
Ravenheat CSI Primary ACondensingGas88.8%
Ravenheat CSI Primary AAACondensingLPG89.3%
Ravenheat CSI primary Low Nox Natural GasCondensingGas89.5%
Ravenheat CSI Primary LPGCondensingLPG88.5%
Ravenheat CSI SystemCondensingGas87.0%
Ravenheat CSI System ACondensingGas90.1%
Ravenheat CSI System A TCondensingGas90.1%
Ravenheat CSI System AAACondensingLPG89.3%
Ravenheat CSI System AAA TCondensingLPG89.3%
Ravenheat CSI system Low Nox Natural GasCondensingGas89.5%
Ravenheat CSI System TCondensingGas87.0%
Ravenheat CSI systemT Low Nox Timeclock Natural GasCondensingGas89.5%
Ravenheat HE 80(T) Natural GasCondensingGas88.6%
Ravenheat HE 85 ACondensingGas90.0%
Ravenheat HE 85 A LPGCondensingLPG91.2%
Ravenheat HE 85 AAACondensingLPG89.2%
Ravenheat HE 85 AAATCondensingLPG89.2%
Ravenheat HE 85A TCondensingGas90.0%
Ravenheat HE 85A T LPGCondensingLPG91.2%
Ravenheat HE 90(T) Natural gasCondensingGas88.7%
Ravenheat HE 98 (T)CondensingGas88.7%
Ravenheat HE Primary ACondensingGas88.8%
Ravenheat HE Primary A LPGCondensingLPG90.8%
Ravenheat HE Primary AAACondensingLPG89.3%
Ravenheat HE System ACondensingGas90.1%
Ravenheat HE System A LPGCondensingLPG91.3%
Ravenheat HE System A TCondensingGas90.1%
Ravenheat HE System A T LPGCondensingLPG91.3%
Ravenheat HE System AAACondensingLPG89.3%
Ravenheat HE System AAA TCondensingLPG89.3%
Ravenheat Little Star LS 100Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat Little Star LS 100 TNon-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat Little Star LS 80Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat Little Star LS 80 (T)Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat RSF 100ENon-CondensingGas76.6%
Ravenheat RSF 100E LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.3%
Ravenheat RSF 100E*Non-CondensingGas78.9%
Ravenheat RSF 100ETNon-CondensingGas76.6%
Ravenheat RSF 100ET LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.3%
Ravenheat RSF 100ET*Non-CondensingGas78.9%
Ravenheat RSF 20/20ENon-CondensingGas77.1%
Ravenheat RSF 20/20E LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.9%
Ravenheat RSF 20/20ETNon-CondensingGas77.1%
Ravenheat RSF 20/20ET LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.9%
Ravenheat RSF 25/20ENon-CondensingGas76.5%
Ravenheat RSF 25/20E LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.2%
Ravenheat RSF 25/20ETNon-CondensingGas76.5%
Ravenheat RSF 25/20ET LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.2%
Ravenheat RSF 25/25ENon-CondensingGas76.6%
Ravenheat RSF 25/25E LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.3%
Ravenheat RSF 25/25ETNon-CondensingGas76.6%
Ravenheat RSF 25/25ET LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.3%
Ravenheat RSF 82 ENon-CondensingGas78.5%
Ravenheat RSF 82 ETNon-CondensingGas78.5%
Ravenheat RSF 820/20Non-CondensingGas74.5%
Ravenheat RSF 820/20TNon-CondensingGas74.5%
Ravenheat RSF 84 ETNon-CondensingGas77.1%
Ravenheat RSF 84ENon-CondensingGas77.1%
Ravenheat RSF 84E LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.9%
Ravenheat RSF 84E*Non-CondensingGas78.8%
Ravenheat RSF 84ET LPGNon-CondensingLPG78.9%
Ravenheat RSF 84ET*Non-CondensingGas78.8%
Ravenheat Silver Star 24Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat Silver Star 24 LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Ravenheat Silver Star 24TNon-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat Silver Star 24T LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Ravenheat Silver Star 29Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat Silver Star 29 LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Ravenheat Silver Star 29TNon-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat Silver Star 29T LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Ravenheat White Star 24Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat White Star 24 LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Ravenheat White Star 24TNon-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat White Star 24T LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Ravenheat White Star 29Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat White Star 29 LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%
Ravenheat White Star 29TNon-CondensingGas79.6%
Ravenheat White Star 29T LPGNon-CondensingLPG81.4%