Ferroli Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Ferroli - Boiler Efficiency Rating

Ferroli have been delivering innovative heating appliances to market from their base in Verona, Italy ever since they were founded in 1955. After over half a century of designing and developing their products, Ferroli now operate in 14 countries across Europe and Asia.

They ventured into the UK in the 1980s as a joint venture with Brassware Sales, known as Brassware Ferroli, in 1997 they went their separate ways and launched Ferroli UK Ltd.

Producing the vast majority of their products in-house, Ferroli take great pride in their manufacturing process which means that they know their products inside out.

What are the Main Boiler Ranges Available from Ferroli?

Ferroli are a reliable manufacturer of dependable, cost-effective and energy efficient domestic Combi and System boilers.

Modena HE

Ferroli’s Modena HE range includes 3 Combi and 3 System boilers all of which come with efficiency over 90% and ErP A ratings as well as being endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

The Combi boilers are extremely compact which makes them easy to store just about anywhere. As well as this, they’re lightweight for a straightforward installation which could help to save money on installation costs. Once installed, you might even forget that it’s there thanks to a very quiet operation.

All of the boilers in this range are highly efficient so they’ll be able to meet the heating and hot water demands of your home whilst keeping your fuel bills and carbon footprint down. The high efficiency doesn’t mean that performance is compromised, shown through a parts and labour warranty of 5 years as standard, with the option to increase to 7 or 10 years.

How Much Does a Ferroli Boiler Cost?

The price of Ferroli boilers in the Modena range varies from £500-700 for both the Combi and System boilers.

Ferroli 100FFNon-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli 77CFNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Ferroli 77FFNon-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli 77FF(P)Non-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli Arena 30 ACondensingGas88.7%
Ferroli Arena 30 A Mk2CondensingGas88.9%
Ferroli Arena 30 CCondensingGas88.6%
Ferroli Arena 30 C Mk2CondensingGas88.8%
Ferroli Combi 76ffNon-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli Domicompact F 24 BCondensingGas86.8%
Ferroli Domicompact F 24 B LPGCondensingLPG87.8%
Ferroli Domicompact F 30 BCondensingGas86.8%
Ferroli Domicompact F 30 B LPGCondensingLPG87.8%
Ferroli DOMIcondens F24CondensingGas87.0%
Ferroli DOMIcondens F28CondensingGas87.0%
Ferroli DOMIcondens HE 26CCondensingGas88.5%
Ferroli Domina 80Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ferroli Econcept 50 A LPGCondensingLPG90.3%
Ferroli Econcept 50ACondensingGas89.3%
Ferroli F 24 BCondensingGas86.8%
Ferroli F 24 B LPGCondensingLPG87.8%
Ferroli F 30 BCondensingGas86.8%
Ferroli F 30 B LPGCondensingLPG87.8%
Ferroli F24Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ferroli F30Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Ferroli FERcondens 25 HECondensingGas88.5%
Ferroli Hawk II Hawk IINon-CondensingGas68.0%
Ferroli i25CondensingGas88.0%
Ferroli i29CondensingGas88.0%
Ferroli Maxima 35 C LPGCondensingLPG90.5%
Ferroli Maxima 35 S LPGCondensingLPG90.6%
Ferroli Maxima 35CCondensingGas89.5%
Ferroli Maxima 35SCondensingGas89.6%
Ferroli Modena 102Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Ferroli Modena 18S HECondensingGas89.2%
Ferroli Modena 25C HECondensingGas89.1%
Ferroli Modena 25S HECondensingGas89.3%
Ferroli Modena 27C HECondensingGas89.2%
Ferroli Modena 30C HECondensingGas89.2%
Ferroli Modena 32C HECondensingGas89.2%
Ferroli Modena 32S HECondensingGas89.3%
Ferroli MODENA 38C HE 47-267-63CondensingGas89.1%
Ferroli Modena 80Non-CondensingGas79.6%
Ferroli Optima 1000Non-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli Optima 200Non-CondensingGas74.2%
Ferroli Optima 2000CondensingGas83.0%
Ferroli Optima 2001CondensingGas85.5%
Ferroli Optima 201Non-CondensingGas74.2%
Ferroli Optima 600Non-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli Optima 700Non-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli Optima 800Non-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli Optima 900Non-CondensingGas70.0%
Ferroli Optimax 25 CCondensingGas89.3%
Ferroli Optimax 25 C LPGCondensingLPG90.3%
Ferroli Optimax 25 OVCondensingGas89.4%
Ferroli Optimax 25 OV LPGCondensingLPG90.4%
Ferroli Optimax 25 SCondensingGas89.4%
Ferroli Optimax 25 S LPGCondensingLPG90.4%
Ferroli Optimax HE 25 SCondensingGas89.1%
Ferroli Optimax HE 31 CCondensingGas89.0%
Ferroli Optimax HE 31 SCondensingGas89.4%
Ferroli Optimax HE 38 CCondensingGas89.3%
Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 18 OVCondensingLPG90.4%
Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 18 SCondensingLPG90.4%
Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 25 OVCondensingLPG90.1%
Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 25 SCondensingLPG90.1%
Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 31 CCondensingLPG90.0%
Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 35 SCondensingLPG90.4%
Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 38 CCondensingLPG90.3%
Ferroli Roma 55ffNon-CondensingGas72.0%
Ferroli Sigma 20-40Non-CondensingGas78.2%
Ferroli Sigma 30Non-CondensingGas76.9%
Ferroli Sigma 40Non-CondensingGas77.7%
Ferroli Sigma 40-60Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Ferroli Sigma 50Non-CondensingGas77.3%
Ferroli Sigma 60Non-CondensingGas77.5%
Ferroli Sigma 60-100Non-CondensingGas78.3%
Ferroli SYS 10-23Non-CondensingGas78.9%
Ferroli T-One 25C HECondensingGas89.1%
Ferroli T-One 30C HECondensingGas89.2%
Ferroli TempraNon-CondensingGas77.5%
Ferroli Tempra 12Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Ferroli Tempra 18Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Ferroli Tempra 24Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Ferroli Tempra 30Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Ferroli Xignal XignalNon-CondensingGas68.0%